Complete Anti-Inflammatory Bundle (IMMUNE BOOSTING BUNDLE 002)


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Purity – Synergy – Integrity – Results  —  ROOT Cause Supplements© —  Lower Inflammation & Optimize The Immune System

Agressive Bundle to Lower Whole-Body Inflammation, while improving Health of ALL Body Systems.

Curcu-Meric 975 mg Capsule™ formula version.001 – Turmeric / Curcumin  – Vegan Capsule

Most Therapeutic Curcumin / Organic Turmeric Capsule in the USA, based on clinical results and objective testing. Pure, High-Grade, Synergistic Formula with superior Absorption, Bioavailability and Anti-Oxidant benefits, with the addition of Quercetin, Resveratrol, Bromelain, Organic Ginger, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Pulverized Pipperine (Black Pepper Fruit) & Vitamin C (Acerola Cherry). Keeping in mind, the main components of the capsule, Curcumin & Turmeric are not only potent anti-inflammatory compounds, however, are also powerful anti-oxidants. NO FILLERS / IMPURITIES

USA Sourced Raw Ingredients & USA Manufactured – All Plant-Based Ingredients in our capsules are Organic (Turmeric & Ginger, are organic in this capsule). It is impossible to obtain other ingredients organically, however, we obtain all High-Grade Ingredients.

High-Grade translates into ROOT Cause Supplements, LLC being a smaller lab purchasing our ingredients in 2-5 lb bags, as opposed to larger labs that purchase large barrels / drums of ingredients containing more impurities and inactive ingredients, fillers, preservatives and anti-caking agents.

Our Ingredients and raw materials contain no such fillers, preservatives, impurities, inactive ingredients and ant-caking agents.

Synergy is extremely important with respect to absorption and bioavailability of the ingredients. Our original formula included the ingredients listed on the left side of the label image below. Then we added Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 & Zinc, which proved to be a Therapeutic Formula, for not only lowering whole-body inflammation, however, optimizing the immune system. Optimizing the Immune System is not only about certain ingredients, however, the two go hand in hand, as when you lower your whole-body inflammation, your Immune System is no longer being overwhelmed with this “Nonsense Inflammation” and can utilize it’s resources to perform it’s necessary function.

As of February 2023, this formula will be listed as Formula Version.001, and we will start producing several other versions of our Curcu-Meric 975mg Capsule. When looking at the label you will see the base formula on the left side, and the right side will have different ingredients. This Formula Version.1, as you can see from the label contains also: Zinc, Vitamin D3 & Vitamin C.

Formula Version.002 which is now available contains the base formula formulated in 2016, as seen on the left side of the sticker, and the ingredients on the right side are replaced with ceylon cinnamon & fenugreek.

Several reasons exist for our decision to create other versions of oiur Curcu-Meric 975mg Capsule: 1- Curcu-Meric 975mg capsule remains our flagship capsule, and with Curcumin / Turmeric being high on the list of healthy supplements to ingest daily, we would like to offer our customers options they can cycle through, obtaining slightly different benefits from the several different ingredients in the new versions. 2- In our ongoing research it has become apparent that cinnamon and fenugreek also increase the absorption and bioavailability of Curcumin & Turmeric. 3- The unique intrinsic anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of Cinnamon and Fenugreek as referred to in (1). 4- A percentage of our clients take their own regimens of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 & Zinc, and would prefer the capsule withoout those ingredients, especially for our customers / clients taking 4-6 Curcu-Meric 975mg capsules per day to treat manage their disorder, and/or prevent disease.


In this Bundle, with 4 products, The Addition of a high quality Omega-3 Soft-gel as the 4th Supplement, completes the Blocking of our endogenous inflammatory cascade, via addressing the Eicosanoid Pathway. The Omega-3 we source in this bundle  also addresses the benefits of Synergy via the addition of Astaxanthin, Krill Oil & Olive Extract.


Our Core 3 Capsules to Lower Whole-Body Inflammation & Optimize the Immune System, Remain the most Pure & Effective Capsules produced to accomplish this goal- see below–    Curcu-Meric 975mg —  Gluco-Mmune 975mg  —  Berry-Mmune 975mg –  ROOT Cause Supplements, LLC

Purity  —  Synergy  —  Integrity  —  Results


INCLUDED: Complete Anti-Inflammatory Bundle ( 4 Products Below)

1 –120 Count – Omega-3 Therapeutic Synergistic Formula – Life Extension©

1 –120 Count – Curcu-Meric 975 mg™ – ROOT Cause Supplements© – formula version.001

1 –120 Count – Gluco-Mmune 975 mg™ – ROOT Cause Supplements©


1 –120 Count – Berry-Mmune 975 mg™ – ROOT Cause Supplements©




1 of each pill listed above in the AM hours with a meal (4 pills total)


1 of each pill listed above in the PM hours with a meal (4 pills total)


When it comes to weight loss, these 4 pills provide your cells with the necessary vitamins, minerals, adaptogens and micronutrients to function optimally and metabolize your intake properly, along with lowering inflammation to help regulate your adrenal – thyroid – pituitary – hypothalamus axis; thus regulating glucose control and cortisol levels.


Healthiest & Most Comprehensive Supplements to lower Whole Body Inflammation. Inflammation is not only what we feel on the outside in the form Arthritis, Joint Pain, Swelling & Redness; However, chronic inflammation leads to damage on a cellular and tissue level causing Arteriosclerosis, Heart Disease, Cognitive Decline, Intestinal Problems, and remains the Root Cause of disease (oxidative stress). Thus 3 Capsules and 1 soft-gel to prevent illness & improve quality of life.

This regimen will: Lower Cholesterol, Lower Blood Pressure, Lower / Regulate Blood Sugars, Resolve Pain from Inflammation, Improve Auto-Immune disorders & prevent the onset and flares. Will prevent the onset of many diseases, especially Dementia of several types, including Alzheimer’s, which is the accumulation of Beta Amyloid Plaques in the Brain years prior to the onset of clinical symptoms.


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