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Beginning with our Curcu-Meric  975 mg capsuleTM in 2015, we continued to produce Plant-Based (Anti-Inflammatory) supplements, synergistically formulated with Vitamins, Minerals & Adaptogens. We currently produce 10 supplements, all of which do not contain any fillers or preservatives. What also sets us apart from other supplement companies, is our goal to focus our resources on the quality of our product, and not extensive marketing. We purchase our raw ingredients in 2-5 pound bags, as opposed to large drums which are full of fillers, preservatives, impurities and anti-caking agents. We have an extremely competitive price point for the purpose of allowing our customers to take the correct quantities of supplements to achieve their goals, without it causing a huge financial burden.

Even though Curcu-Meric 975 mg capsuleTM remains our flagship capsule for inflammation, all our capsules are formulated to compliment this capsule in reducing inflammation, along with  providing highly absorbable forms of vitamins, minerals & adaptogens to be utilized by our bodies on a cellular level.

Reducing Inflammation & Oxidative Stress (Chronic Inflammation), via replenishing our tissues on a cellular level, with plant- based supplements and diet, along with exercise & mindful living, is the ROOT Cause to wellness & disease prevention.

We source all Raw Ingredients for our capsules from US Territories, and consistently research superior sources. Our capsules are free of preservatives and fillers, and our Raw Ingredients are tested regularly for impurities.

We provide the highest quality plant-based supplements, at very affordable pricing, to allow our customers to take proper dosages to achieve their health goals and prevent disease. We strive to overcome barriers in the supplement industry: 1- Individuals don’t like to take too many supplements due to fillers, preservatives, and impurities in the capsules, limiting proper and needed intake of correct dosage 2- Cost of other products on the market, limiting proper and needed intake of correct dosage. Our Line of Capsules are simply more affordable and more therapeutic.

ROOT Cause Supplements, LLC — Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a Wellness / Supplement Company dedicated towards educating individuals and communities about the importance of Lowering Whole-Body inflammation. Inflammation, both acute and chronic (oxidative stress via free radicals) bombards our tissues and cells on a daily basis. Inflammation, via activation of an immune response, of which there are a myriad of causes which can trigger an immune response, which is usually initially a healthy and warranted response. However, long term can damage body tissues, such as the inner wall of the artery with chronic inflammation (Oxidative Stress), and thus build up of arterial plaques leading to cardiovascular disease, as one important example, since Cardiovascular Disease is one ot the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the United States.

Inflammation helps you heal from an initial insult such as a knee injury, which is a normal response and function of our immune systems cascade of cells being sent to the area of injury. Inflammation is an essential part of the regeneration and healing process in the body, however, its when that inflammation goes unchecked, and proceeds longer than is intended, that we get the destructive effects. This usually happens in cases of low level inflammation which is not always as obvious. For example, an individual with a past infection such as Lyme Disease, in which the immune sytem reacted to initially, however, continues to react to the inciting bacteria despite the absence of the bacteria in your system.

Inflammation whether external and what we feel manifesting as musculoskeletal and joint pain is only part of the equation with lowering whole body inflammation. Internal inflammation and chronic inflammation otherwise known as oxidative stress is silent inflammation, which when suppressed lowers the risk of heart disease, brain cognitive issues, intestinal disorders, and essentially one of the best things one can do for their body. We know that a plant-based diet improves our well-being for exactly this reason. Plant-based compounds are filled with anti-oxidants which are synonymous with anti-inflammatory compounds. Turmeric Root and the active compound in turmeric being Curcumin is both an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compound as are many botanicals. Our goal at Root Cause Supplements was and is to produce a pure plant based line of capsules to work synergistically using compounds one doesn’t regularly obtain in their healthy diet. The work together within each capsule and also when using capsules in combination. We have 4 core capsules to lower whole body inflammation. We have seen great results from not only improved quality of life from reduced and eliminating musculoskeletal and joint pain, to improving overall health via lowering cholesterol, balancing blood sugars, improving liver and kidney health especially for those with problems. We keep our lab for production small and controlled as to keep our quality extremely high via sourcing all organic plant based compounds, and other agents such ad Quercetin, Resveratrol which are derived from plants however extracted in a lab very pure, unlike larger companies which purchase large barrels of raw ingredients which are not as pure and filled with preservatives, fillers and anti-caking agents. Everyone is different as some individuals we recommend to start with our Curcu-Meric 975mg capsule only, others we add one or three other core capsules to that regimen depending on their goals and / or symptoms / disorder they are dealing with 

The following Blog, in the paragraph below, on MS (Multiple Sclerosis), displays a brief overview of Inflammation. The main theme applies to all inflammation, and other auto-immune disorders such as RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), UC (Ulcerative Colitis), SLE (Lupus) etc.

How Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Affects your Brain & Immune System


ROOT Cause Supplements, LLC – Curcu-Meric 975 mg CapsuleTM

Dr. J. Miller


The damage that MS can cause to the brain may include memory problems, fatigue, lack of concentration, decrease in processing speed, and mood changes. This is not only a disease affecting mobility, however, other aspects of an individual’s health which frequently go unrecognized. These issues are just as important to address as one’s mobility, pain, and spasticity problems.

Essentially one aspect has an impact on the other. An individual with a depressed mood is less likely to exercise, and exercise, stretching and mobility is important for the well-being of an individual impacted by MS. As with any disorder, it’s important to recognize the impact it has on all body systems and organs, and address all of them.

Demyelination of the nerves, depending on the location in the Brain or Spinal Cord, will create such a diversity of symptoms and presentations. The ROOT Cause to this demyelination is most probably, based upon research, a result of oxidative stress (free radical damage) to these myelin sheaths, because of an Auto-Immune Process triggering such a process leading to the damaging effects of chronic inflammation (Oxidative Stress).

The Auto-Immune Trigger can be a result of many factors placing excess burden upon an individual’s immune system. Our immune system responds to any external agent it encounters, whether it’s a virus, bacteria, pollen, environmental toxin, food toxin, Gut dysbiosis etc… Chronic Emotional stress can also offset the immune system, especially when combined with the above factors.

When our immune system is constantly responding to these excessive external stimuli, the immune system, as it is designed to do, will attack the inflammation resulting from these stimuli. As this inflammation turns from acute to chronic, we have excessive free radical damage (oxidative stress). The immune system remains in a vicious cycle against this chronic inflammation, and fails to recognize good tissue from bad tissue, which is where the auto-immune aspect originates.

Stopping the initial insult such as a virus, or simply recognizing environmental stimuli, and lessening the daily exposure; will eliminate much of the “nonsense inflammation” encountered by our tissues, so the immune system can do its proper job in attacking “real” inflammation it was meant to attack, and abnormal cells it was meant to destroy,  and thus not overwhelm the proper functioning of the immune system.

Primary prevention in preventing such a trigger of this disorder (or any auto-immune disorder) in the form of ingesting healthy Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant compounds on a daily basis, to suppress this vicious cycle of “nonsense” inflammation, and not overwhelm the immune system to a point of triggering aberrant immune function is crucial. As the inflammation bombards our tissues and cells on a daily basis, the only way to effectively and efficiently slow this process is to ingest enough healthy Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant compounds on a daily basis. Plant-Based diets have proven to positively impact our overall health, and Plant-Based compounds such as Turmeric, and it’s Bioactive ingredient Curcumin, have received much attention in lowering such inflammation.

Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and several other Anti-Oxidants, have some benefits in lowering chronic inflammation, however, they do not have the Anti-Inflammatory effects of many plant based compounds such as Turmeric / Curcumin. Synthetic agents such as Alpha Lipoic Acid & MSM may also have an impact on chronic inflammation, however, cannot be taken at sufficient doses, and do not match to the mechanism of action compounds such as Turmeric / Curcumin exert on a cellular level, in lowering acute and chronic inflammation (oxidative stress).

Much research is taking place currently on the process of Neuro-Inflammation, and medications are being developed to block inflammatory pathways on a cellular level, which are the same pathways blocked by Turmeric / Curcumin; nfkb pathway is one of those  focal pathways, however, many others exist. Curcumin impacts many pathways.

Curcu-Meric 975 mg CapsuleTM – Curcumin, Turmeric, Resveratrol, Quercetin, Bromelain, Ginger, Piperine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc

The above capsule has extreme purity, without any fillers / preservatives / impurities, and contains a synergistic formula which maximizes the absorption and bioavailability of the anti-inflammatory compounds for maximal delivery to the tissues. 4-8 capsules per day with a meal or snack, in divided doses of 2 pills with each dose, would be recommended for individuals with Auto-Immune disorders such as MS.

Secondary Prevention, once a disorder has been triggered in an individual’s body, focuses on maximal reduction of oxidative stress (chronic inflammation from free radical damage to cells). Taking Curcu-Meric 975mgTM along with additional Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, alpha-lipoic acid, and other plant based anti-inflammatory compounds such as Moringa etc. can have a significant impact on suppressing disease progression and improving quality of life.

Inflammation has one job: to wake up the immune system and stem cells. What its supposed to say is, “Hey, Something is going on! We need to either activate an immune response, a healing response, or both. This immediate inflammatory reaction helps you get well, whether your trying to recover from the flu, covid-19, sprained ankle or pollen exposure. Once your on the mend, an anti-inflammatory process kicks in, getting your system back to normal. If you already start with high levels of inflammation, you dont snap right back to baseline. Instead, your body remains suspended in that inflammatory state, and predisposes the system to even higher levels of longer-term chronic inflammation. The immune system thus stays fired up, when it should be winding down, and this overactivation of the immune system is one of the biggest concerns. Chronic Inflammation, leads to more oxidative stress, and more free radical formation, and more aberrant immune system function.

About 60% of Americans live with an inflammation related chronic condition such as Type 2 diabetes, according to the CDC. Out-of-Control inflammation feeds on itself, and can trigger or execerbate everything from autoimmune diseases to cancer. Many new treatment protocols for cancer involve Immunotherapy alone, or Immunotherapy combined with chemotherapy. In the case of COVID-19, due to the new pathogen / antigen being exposed to the immune system, we saw extreme overreaction of an immune response with excess release of cytokines, in what is termed a “cytokine storm”.



Dr. Miller – Founder & CEO

I, Dr. Miller, Obtained a B.S. in Chemistry from  NYU in 1993, then went on to Graduate from Medical School in 1997 at UMDNJ- School of Osteopathic Medicine. Subsequently, Completed a year of Rotating Internship in Internal Medicine (97-98), then a year of General Surgery Residency (98-99), both at Staten Island University Hospital. Then proceeded to complete a four year Residency at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Obstetrics / Gynecology / Pelvic Surgery. 

I Strongly Believe in Preventative Medicine & Integrative Wellness, via both lifestyle changes and intake of a healthy predominantly plant-based, anti-inflammatory diet and supplements. Lowering Whole-Body inflammation consistently on a daily basis, via following anti-inflammatory diets (Predominantly Plant Based, Seafood also a focal point, and very occasional healthy animal protein), while also ingesting sufficient doses of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and adaptogens, allows for a healthy immune system, and proper functioning of our organs at the cellular level.

My goal was to develop a line of capsules which combine the synergy of Plant-Based compounds (Top on my list Turmeric / Curcumin), with other vitamins and minerals to maximize absorption of all ingredients in the capsule. The capsules must contain compounds with ant-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties, lowering acute and chronic inflammation, taking the burden off the immune system, and optimizing cellular function; while simultaneously feeding the cells the vital nutrients, vitamins & minerals needed to function at an optimal level.

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Creativity Makes a Difference

Purity — Synergy — Integrity — Results

Innovative Formulas

Our Capsule formulas are Anti-Inflammatory Plant-Based formulas, synergistically combined with other vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and adaptogens for maximal efficacy, addressing the ROOT Causes of illness and disease onset. Adressing Inflammation on a daily basis, with healthy plant-based supplements is important. Sufficient quantities need be ingested daily for proper reduction of the large burden of chronic inflammation (oxidative stress) taking place in our cells and tissues on a daily basis; without being concerned with ingesting impurities, fillers or preservatives. We source only high quality & pure raw ingredients for our capsules, from US territories only. We source organic for our plant based compounds such as Turmeric, Ginger, Beet, Moringa, Kale, Celery, Apple Powder, Elderberry, Pomegranate, Grapeseed, Ashwagandha, Maca Root.


Our bodies are constantly reacting to inflammtion, whether its an acute trigger, or chronic inflammation.

Cardiovascular Disease is rooted in blockage of arteries, which remains a top healthcare problem, involving more than just your heart. When we speak of Cardiovascular disease, this addresses the vasculature to all your organs, delivering proper oxygen and nutrients, dependent on patency of the arteries. When a coronary artery becomes blocked one can suffer a heart attack. When a cerebral artery becomes blocked one can suffer a stroke. That is a simple explanation, however, curcumin / turmeric and other plant based anti-inflammatory compounds are proven to be more beneficial and safer than aspirin for cardioprotection. We know that fruits and vegetables containg many different anti-oxidants which reduce our oxidative stress and thus chronic inflammation, addressing one of the ROOT Causes of Cardiovascular disease.

Oxidative Stress via shear forces of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, uncontrolled blood sugars, overactive immune-system, environmental and food toxins, persistent carcinoma, auto-immune disorders etc.. causes damage to the inner lining of our arteries. This can be prevented, lessened and reversed.

Prior to COVID-19, we have always educated the community that Optimizing Your Immune Sytem, on a cellular level via ingestion of Synergistic blends of Plant-Based and Synthetic Vitamins & Minerals to lower the inflammatory burden was crucial. When we allow our bodies to function suboptimally for months, years & decades, it compensates for it’s deficits until it can no longer compensate and gives out with manifestation of a chronic condition or disease, and poor defense against inciting pathogens / antigens.

Combining Plant- Based Supplements with Vitamins, Minerals, Adaptogens, Herbs, Spices & ROOTS with your regular medications (after consulting for interactions), yields the best Health outcome for the prevention of disease and improvement of Quality of Life.

Feel Free to email Dr.Miller with any questions you may have concerning our products, and recommended protocols, along with any questions you may have concerning your medical or surgical related problems. He will email you comprehensive answers to your questions– email– [email protected]

Metabolic Syndrome creates a chronic inflammatory state in your body, which consists of abnormal glucose metabolism, elevated cholesterol / triglycerides and Elevated Blood Pressure.

Curcuminoids in Turmeric ROOT address all 3 aspects of Metabolic Syndrome safely and effectively, to be taken in sufficient quantities on a daily basis.

The only way to properly address an inflammatory state is to combat it on a daily basis, and not only take agents when symptoms arise.

Promoting Wellness with Integrity

The Intake of Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant based Supplements to optimize cellular functioning is extremely important for the prevention of disease and improvement of quality of life. We Manufacture Pure / All-Natural Plant Based Supplements, combing the compounds in synergistic formulas for maximal efficacy and absorption.

Our No Compromise Policy means we only source our ingredients and products from pure & Organic suppliers. (non-GMO)

All Production and supplies originate from United States Territories.

If any customer / client has a question or problem, we welcome the feedback via email : [email protected]

Teamwork Yields Results
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How Much Can a High Potency Curcumin / Turmeric Capsule Promote Well-Being in all body systems, and all areas of Health?

Over 3000 Studies Support the Universal Health Benefits

Our BLOGS which you can access from the Main Menu Bar on the Front Page will become more abundant and detailed in the coming months to answer that question

We also urge individuals to simply Google, or go to PubMed.gov and search for any disease or medical condition associated with Curcumin or Turmeric in your search. There is an abundance of credible literature, proven clinically & Scientifically.

It’s not the lack of resources, However, our lack of resourcefulness; which inhibits Our Goals & Outcomes

Not all Curcumin – Turmeric Capsules are created equal with respect to Grade of Ingredients, Concentrations, Ratios, Synergy, Purity, Quality, Absorption, Bio-availabilty

We usually recommend to new clients / customers who have been taking a Turmeric / Curcumin Supplement already, to compare apples to apples. Once they are finished with their current supplement, trial ours, and take the same amount of capsules they took of the other brand daily in divided doses with food. If after finishing our bottle, they have not encountered the superiority of our product / products, we will issue a full reimbursement.

We’re All In This Together – Promote Health and Well-being at it’s ROOT Cause