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Cardiovascular disease remains the most prevelant cause of morbidity and mortality, and one of the most preventable disorders with proper nutrition, exercise and LOWERING YOUR INFLAMMATION !!!

Cholesterol is only ONE of many factors impacting your arterial health. Many factors impact the development of arteriosclerosis, and the common pathway is Oxidative Stress (chronic inflammation) at the inner surface of the artery, on the endothelial surface

Aspirin was the “go to” agent in the past to prevent arteriosclerosis, WHY? because of its anti-inflammatory effects, and blood thinning (anti-platelet) effects. Aspirin has fallen out of favor due to several reasons. One being the unacceptable elevated risk of hemmorhagic stroke in those taking it daily for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Secondly, Intestinal tract mucosal disruption and Intestinal tract bleeding was another reason it fell out of favor, along with liver health problems, and low platelets (Thrombocytopenia).

Next Newsletter will discuss the LDL / Cholesterol Dilemma – The medical community is analyzing whether or not our lowering of cholesterol has gone to far, and whether or not the thresholds of normal should be raised. Cholesterol is protective to our cell membranes, and our Nervous System. The excessive lowering may be contributing to increased prevelance of Neuro-degenerative disorders, autoimmune disorders, and other disorders. Lowering cholesterol is good, however, too low may not be good.

Plant-based compounds, especially Curcumin / Turmeric have significant benefit over and above aspirin, for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, without the adverse effects.

There is lots of info to cover regarding Calcium Metabolism and Arteriosclerosis. Coronary Calcium Scans (Special CT scan of the heart) has become a popular test to determine calcium build-up in the coronary arteries. There is much to interpret regarding these results, and I will expand on this more in the next newsletter.

First, we can’t assume with great accuracy the degree of coronary artery obstruction based upon the Calcium score alone. Yes there is a direct corrolation between the two, however, for example, an individual can have a moderately high calcium score of 160, and only have 15% occlusion of the coronary artery, whereas someone else can have the same calcium score, and have 30% occlusion of the coronary artery.


If you refer to the above image, in the artery labeled calcified artery, the area pointed to labeled plaque which is yellow, is the soft plaque which is the first thing to develop from chronic inflammation (oxidative stress) from many causes, cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disorders etc… The area labeled calcification occurs as a secondary result of the initial soft plaque, as the plaque becomes more chronic it actually calcifies on its own. The calcification process is more of a result of the chronic nature of the plaque, and less impacted by the levels of calcium in the bloodstream, eventhough excess circulating calcium does play a role.

So…. As you can see from the calcified artery, the amount of occlusion is not dependent ONLY on the amount of calcium in the plaque, thus the reason for the lack of ability to give direct numbers when it comes to calcium score and arterial occlusion. Yes, the higher the calcium score, the assumption can be made the higher the occlusion of the artery, and additional testing would be needed in some cases. However, everyone is different, every plaque is different with different proportions of Calcium (Hard part of the plaque) vs. the soft part of the plaque.

Coronary CT Angiogram OR Cardiac Cath would be recommended in those individuals who are symptomatic and / or has high cardiovascular risk factors, to determine the extent of coronary artery obstruction.


Yes calcium metabolism is important, however less important than risk factors that involve development of the soft part of the plaque— THE ROOT CAUSE- Inflammation and Oxidation at the endothelial surface, no matter what the inciting agent is that causes the initial disruption to the endothelial lining of the artery. Without soft plaque, calcium has no area to deposit or accumulate.

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