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Dr. J. Miller D.O./M.D., FACOG

Our Vision & Continued Goal at ROOT Cause Supplements, Fort Lauderdale, FL  was and is to develop a line of Capsules, Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Formulas, based upon continued ongoing  research, and sourcing of high quality pure ingredients, to lower Whole-Body Inflammation, while delivering highly absorbable vitamins, minerals, nutrients, Cofactors, Coenzymes & Adaptogens. We are a One-Of-A-Kind Supplement Manufacturing Company.

The Primary ROOT Cause of cellular dysfunction and subsequently disease, is chronic inflammation. If one was to Google any disease and inflammation or oxidative stress, an abundance of information will be provided. For example: Google Cardiovascular disease and oxidative stress, OR, Cardiovascular disease and inflammation, Brain Health and Inflammation, Colon Health and Inflammation etc… Lowering inflammation at the cellular level is more important than simply taking Vitamins.

Lowering Whole-Body Inflammation is extremely important for the Health of your Cardiovascular System, Neurologic System / Brain Health, Gut Health (Stomach, Intestines, Colon, Liver & Gallbladder), Pulmonary Health, Immune System Health, Blood Health, Kidney Health, and the health of every other bodily system and organ at the cellular level.

The sequence of importance would be: 1- Eat a healthy well-rounded diet, with nutrient dense foods, containing healthy fats and carbs, a higher percentage of lean proteins, and being mindful of ingesting foods which are anti-inflammatory, as opposed to pro-inflammatory.  2- Ingest Plant-Based pure supplements (without fillers or preservatives), with Anti-Inflammatory Plant-based Compounds (many of which an individual does not consume regularly on a daily basis in their diet, such as curcumin, turmeric, moringa etc…) to lessen the burden of oxidative stress (Chronic Inflammation) at the cellular level; lowering Whole-Body Inflammation. 3- Provide your cells with the sufficient amounts (as very often our cells are working at a deficit) of vitamins and minerals, to allow the cells to function effectively and efficiently, and without any deficits and increased risk for malfunction. However, simply ingesting vitamins does not suffice, without step 2 above.

Without Lowering your chronic inflammation (oxidative stress), you’re allowing your cells to function under excess duress, with an increased chance of error and aberrancy leading to dysfunction and disease. Also, without lowering the cellular inflammation, the vitamins and minerals ingested will not be utilized properly due to improper absorption by the intestinal lining,  improper bioavailability as the vitamins get transported to the cellular extracellular fluid by the blood, and utilization by the cell; as the oxidative stress / chronic inflammation at the cell-membrane will inhibit proper transport of the vitamin into the cell.

Along with Plant-Based Organic Ingredients, our capsules produced at ROOT Cause Supplements include only several synthetic (lab based) vitamins and minerals (in each capsule) such as magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin d3, zinc etc…We only include several synthetic (lab based) vitamins and minerals, along with plant-based compounds, in each capsule,  so we have a perfect balance of lowering inflammation, and optimal delivery and utilization of the lab-based vitamins and minerals.

The Synergy between all compounds in each capsule ensures low inflammation at the intestinal lining for maximal absorption from the intestine to the bloodstream, and ensures effective bioavailability to the tissues (extracellular space), and uptake by the cell. Thus, maximizing these agents Absorption (from gut to bloodstream), and Bioavailability (from bloodstream to tissues), as they work in Synergy with the Plant-Based Ingredients in each Capsule. Incorporating Excess Vitamins and Minerals of non-plant-based sources in one capsule contributes to increased inflammation, and defeats the purpose of taking supplements.

REMEMBER, the plant-based ingredients in each capsule also contain their own vitamins and minerals, acting with dual function of lowering Inflammation, and delivering highly absorbable vitamins and minerals as well, besides the added vitamins and minerals in each capsule.

Lowering Whole-Body Inflammation, is not ONLY for proper vitamin and mineral utilization, however, Lowering your inflammation is extremely healthy for your tissues and cells in and of itself. The #1 cause of morbidity and mortality is Cardiovascular disease, and the common denominator in Cardiovascular disease is Inflammation. The ROOT Cause of arteriosclerosis is chronic inflammation (Oxidative Stress), as a result of elevated cholesterol, elevated blood sugars, elevated blood pressure, elevated toxin levels from food, environment, cleaning products, body care products etc…

The perfect balance of Plant-Based Ingredients, and lab derived vitamins and minerals (magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin d3, zinc etc..), in our Capsules at ROOT Cause Supplements, allows maximum absorption and bioavailability, which makes them able to be utilized effectively and efficiently at the cell membrane / cellular level.

Consuming Other Supplements with many vitamins and minerals in one capsule, without plant-based natural ingredients to lower Cellular Inflammation, specifically at the Cell Membrane, does not yield appropriate therapeutic results. Most Vitamins and Minerals inside supplements are made in a Lab, and are synthetic (example- Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid), thus creating several barriers with respect to the Human Cell utilizing the ingredients when ingested; one being the low grade inflammation created by such a foreign substance encountered by the body, and the second is appropriate intestinal absorption and subsequent Trans-Membrane Transport at the Cellular level, which is the ultimate goal of taking supplements;  for the ingredients to be taken up by your cells and to be utilized.

Thus, overwhelming the Intestinal Lining with an abundance of synthetic Vitamins and Minerals, without any added plant-based anti-inflammatory ingredients,  Lowers the Therapeutic Value of a Capsule, with low absorption at the intestinal level,  and subsequent low bioavailability at the cell membrane / cellular level.

On paper certain supplements may seem great, with an abundance of Vitamins and Minerals. However, The problem arises in 3 areas. Absorption & Bioavailability as referenced and defined above, are the first 2 barriers. The Third barrier is at the Cell / Cell Membrane. Assume a molecule of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) makes it past the first 2 limiting steps / barriers, and it gets Absorbed into the bloodstream from the gut, then it becomes Bioavailable to the Cell as it has moved from the bloodstream to the Tissue itself. Tissue referring to the extracellular space in each Organ. Once the molecule exits the blood stream at the capillary level, it is in the Interstitial Space, or Extracellular Space, both used interchangeably, now it must be utilized by the Cell, and many synthetic vitamins and minerals reach a barrier at this point.

The Image below is a simplified image of the cell membrane. Obviously, there are thousands more structures / receptors / trans-membrane channels on the Human Cell Membrane not shown in the image. The top part of the image which is labeled Extracellular Side is: When a vitamin or micronutrient is absorbed from your intestines and enters the bloodstream; it then gets delivered to the tissue or part of the organ where it is released from the capillaries. That space it enters is the extracellular space, at which time it must be taken up by the Cell, by a trans-membrane transport process. Thus, it finally enters the inside of the cell and is utilized for proper and efficient functioning of the Cell. If we lessen the chronic inflammation (oxidative stress) at the Cellular Level, The Cell Membrane can function much more effectively, and when it is delivered nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc.. to be readily transported into the cell and utilized, it does so readily and without any resistance. Thus, we allow our body to function effectively and efficiently, with less stress on the cellular level, and less chance for malfunction and aberrant behavior.

The Nutrients, Vitamins and minerals we refer to are not only those derived from the plant-based ingredients, and the lab-based ingredients in each capsule, however, those Nutrients, Vitamins and minerals taken in from your healthy diet as well, which we want to be absorbed properly and utilized by the CELL.

This 3rd process of trans-membrane cellular transport, with first 2 being absorption and bioavailability, is impacted by the purity, and the most natural form of the ingredient reaching the CELL, and more importantly, significantly impacted by the burden of oxidative stress (Chronic Inflammation) The Cell and Cell Membrane is encountering. Thus, keeping your Inflammation (Oxidative Stress) consistently Low, allows your Cells to optimally utilize the vitamins and minerals delivered to the Cell. The Plant-Based ingredients in our capsules accomplish this goal of lowering cellular inflammation, while also delivering highly absorbable and bioavailable natural plant-based vitamins, minerals and adaptogens. The Cell Membrane must allow the trans-membrane transport of the ingredients: Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients, Co-factors, Co-enzymes,  Adaptogens etc.., whether from Supplement source or the Food we ingest, for the Cell to utilize these agents efficiently. Which is why we recommend taking our supplements at ROOT Cause Supplements, with food. This trans-membrane transfer is very important, and thus depends on a low level of inflammation (oxidative stress) at the cell membrane, and the purity and synergy of ingredients.

Thus, the importance of synergistic Plant-Based Formulas in our Capsules at ROOT Cause Supplements, produced at our Lab in Davie, FL (Retail Store – 3354 NE 34th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308). They simultaneously Lower Inflammation at The Cellular Level, while delivering highly absorbable Vitamins and Minerals in Both Plant-Based Forms and several Lab-based forms such as pure Vitamin D3, Zinc, Magnesium etc… (each capsule having its own unique formula)

Lowering Your Inflammation is much more than simply reducing pain and discomfort in your joints and muscles. Yes, this is one benefit to lowering your Whole-Body Inflammation, however, it’s the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to whole-body benefits. Chronic Inflammation on the “Cellular Level” is also synonymous with Oxidative Stress, and is a contributing factor to EVERY Disorder.

Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Auto-Immune Disorders (MS, Ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Lupus, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and many other auto-immune disorders), Gout, Asthma, COPD, ALS, and many more, essentially every disorder, some more than others; are both caused  / initiated (triggered) by low grade chronic inflammation bombarding our systems, organs and cells on a daily basis; and also worsened by the chronic inflammation.

Air Pollution, Food Toxins and additives, Excess Sunlight, Our normal processing of the foods we eat, Emotional Stress, Environmental toxicity (radiation exposure etc.) and many other factors contribute to our daily chronic inflammation / oxidative stress. On a cellular level this translates into excess free radicals being produced, which damage the adjacent cells. Free Radicals cause excess oxidative stress in our body. Thus, taking anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, as the 2 terms are essentially synonymous, we decrease this excess oxidative stress. By ingesting Plant-Based anti-inflammatory / anti-oxidant capsules, such as those produced at ROOT Cause Supplements, we address “The ROOT Cause” of the problem and the solution consistently every day, which can not be accomplished by a healthy diet alone.

At ROOT Cause Supplements, we use the term OPTIMIZE THE CELL. What does this mean? Like a car, we are a machine. We don’t have one motor, however, trillions of tiny motors, OUR CELLS. Our TISSUES and ORGANS are only as good as our CELLS.

Whether we obtain our nutrients, vitamins and minerals from our food or supplements, the primary goal is to have them delivered to the CELLS, and to be optimally utilized by our CELLS. At most, the efficiency of an automobile engine is 40-50% running at optimal conditions. Our CELLS run at an efficiency of 25-40%.

Just as with our automobiles, the better we maintain the engine, the better the efficiency, the better it runs (comparable to our Quality of Life), and the longer it lasts (comparable to our Longevity). Therefore, if you can get your cells to run at 40% efficiency, and they are  running at 31% currently for example, why not do everything possible to get to 40%. Not only will they last longer, and perform better, there is less likelihood of error when running more efficiently. That error translates into disease.

The limiting factors / barriers are essentially in 2 main areas. 1- Absorption of nutrients at the intestinal mucosal membrane, to make it into the bloodstream, and 2- secondly, once it exits the bloodstream, it enters the extracellular space or also known as the interstitial space. From this space it must pass through the CELL MEMBRANE and enter the CELL, where the Mitochondria, Nucleus, Ribosomes, Golgi Apparatus etc.. ALL need this nutrition to function OPTIMALLY.

The first barrier at the intestinal mucosal membrane, Inflammation (Oxidative Stress) plays a major role inhibiting the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals allowing them to enter the bloodstream, no matter what the source, whether from your Diet or Supplements. Another factor important for optimal absorption is the bacterial GUT Flora health, which is a conversation for another time. The second barrier, is at the CELL Membrane, the major factor inhibiting the passage of nutrients, vitamins and minerals through the CELL Membrane is Inflammation (Oxidative Stress).

Addressing The ROOT Cause, of our Health & Wellness, by maximizing the efficacy and efficiency at these 2 rate limiting steps, OPTIMIZES THE CELL, and thus every TISSUE & ORGAN, including the appearance of our Skin.

To accomplish this, our capsules at ROOT Cause Supplements consist of a Synergistic Blend of Plant-Based Organic Ingredients and natural forms of Vitamins & Minerals. This ensures maximal lowering of Inflammation (Oxidative Stress) at the 2 rate limiting steps above, and maximal delivery of Vitamins, Minerals, Adaptogens, CoEnzymes  etc..  To the INSIDE of the CELL, for OPTIMAL functioning of the CELL. When we mention natural forms of vitamins and minerals, that translates into Acerola Cherry for our Vitamin C, instead of ascorbic acid, as one example; thus maximizing the absorption, bioavailability, AND lessening the inflammatory response elicited by our body (Immune System) towards a foreign ingredient, ascorbic acid, for example, which is the source of vitamin C in most other supplements. Also, realize, besides the added natural vitamins and minerals, the plant-based ingredients in every capsule (Turmeric, Moringa, Chlorella etc..) contains their own intrinsic highly absorbable and bioavailable vitamins and minerals, which are ANTI-INFLAMMATORY at the same time !

Taking our supplements, ROOT Cause Supplements, with Meals or Snacks, accomplishes 2 Goals. 1- ensures the maximal absorption and utilization of all ingredients in the Capsule / Supplement, mainly due to the natural Fats in our food. 2- ensures the maximal absorption and utilization of Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals from the foods we eat, by Lowering Inflammation (Oxidative Stress) at the 2 Rate Limiting Steps discussed above.

Overwhelming The Intestinal Mucosa with excess Synthetic Vitamins defeats the purpose. Our body produces many healthy antioxidants and coenzymes which decrease in production as we age. In Theory increasing the amount of these antioxidants and coenzymes etc.. is beneficial for the body, and that is correct, 100%. However, the approach in the supplement industry is not biochemically proper and scientifically sound.

To formulate Glutathione and NAD, using them as examples of an antioxidant and a coenzyme, it takes a series of biochemical steps in the lab to produce the end product. These are synthetic compounds (comparable to GMO ingredients in Food), which are not only pro-inflammatory, as the Immune System recognizes them as Foreign, and negatively affect the 2 rate limiting steps discussed above. If by some chance a small amount of these compounds ingested in your supplement makes it past the 2 rate limiting steps above, and the CELL does receive a small percent of what you ingest, the CELL doesn’t utilize it properly, as it is synthetic, with a very low Bioavailability.

Based upon the science, we know that Glutathione and NAD are Healthy compounds our body produces. Therefore, companies will Patent these Molecular Formulas, based upon a specific Lab-Based production of that company’s  specific organic formula. Now the company can Market their patented formula of Glutathione, NAD etc.., at significantly inflated prices. However, they are not Optimizing Your Cell as much as you would believe, due to  the Synthetic Nature of these Compounds, and the Pro-Inflammatory effect it has upon your Cells, Tissues & Organs. They have very low absorption and bioavailability.

We can’t Patent Turmeric, Curcumin, Ginger, Elderberry, Moringa, Vitamin D3 etc… therefore they are not always appealing to supplement companies, as their primary goal is to manufacture a product which is unique & patented, so they can charge a premium. Now you are ingesting an expensive synthetic GMO product, which is not readily used by your CELLS, and ironically can increase our inflammation, as the GUT and Immune System Recognizes the compound, or group of Synthetic ingredients as foreign.

The Most effective approach is to ingest a diet comparable to a Mediterranean Diet, and Take supplements with Whole-Foods, Spices, Herbs, and natural pure forms of certain vitamins and minerals, for maximal Anti-Inflammatory effect (from the plant-based ingredients), resulting in maximum absorption (intestinal mucosa) and bioavailability (cell membrane & cellular utilization).

How do we increase our endogenous (produced by our body) anti-oxidants (Glutathione) and coenzymes (NAD), and many more endogenous healthy compounds our bodies produce, as we use these 2 as simply examples, all of which dwindle as we age?

We ingest the building blocks and precursors in the form of plant-based compounds, and very natural and pure lab-based compounds such as Magnesium glycinate, Zinc picolinate, Acerola Cherry (Vitamin C) etc.. When we ingest the building blocks as synergistic Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Compounds with basic Lab-Based Building Blocks, we lessen the effect of the rate limiting steps, and allow the body to efficiently increase the production of these compounds by our body,  and utilize the end products (Our endogenously produced Glutathione, NAD etc..) effectively at the cellular level, optimizing the CELL, and thus our TISSUES, ORGANS and All Body Systems.

Let me clarify something, Our Capsules are not only about providing your body building blocks, as the ingredients in and of themselves are extremely therapeutic in lowering whole body inflammation and feeding your CELLS highly absorbable and bioavailable nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The example with Glutathione and NAD is simply to explain the difference between empowering your CELLS to produce endogenous anti-oxidants and coenzymes, as opposed to ingesting expensive synthetic versions. NRF-2 and KEAP-1 are examples of 2 endogenous pathways our capsules increase the activity of, to increase the natural production of our Glutathione, NAD+, SuperOxide Dismutase, and many other endogenous anti-oxidants which our body produces less of as we age.

We will never lower our Inflammation (Oxidative Stress) to Zero. However, the lower the better. Our body utilizes an enormous number of pathways to lower inflammation. Different Plant-Based compounds lower inflammation by affecting different pathways. Therefore, we at ROOT Cause Supplements continually research Therapeutic Plant-Based Compounds, and continually expand our line of supplements. Each Capsule contains a unique formula of plant-based compounds, and a small amount of Lab-Based Pure vitamins and minerals in the most utilized forms, as to not overwhelm the absorption of them at the Intestinal mucosa, and transport across the cell-membrane.

Optimizing Our Cells, Lowering Our Inflammation, and Optimizing Our Immune System is maximally accomplished by combining several of our capsules, as you can see from the bundled options on the SHOP page of our website. We strive to make a difference in your health, and not to simply sell you a bottle of supplements. We are dedicated to research, quality and results; and not sales and marketing, as our primary focus. Our results tell our story.

 Yes, taking our Primary Flagship capsule Curcu-Meric 975mg, 2-4 capsules daily is our recommended Primary capsule to Lower Whole-Body Inflammation, and deliver a subset of pure, healthy vitamins and minerals.

However, for individuals with more aggressive goals, and / or with certain conditions requiring a more aggressive approach, we recommend pairing 1,2 or 3 other capsules from our line of capsules to achieve your goals. The benefit of adding several other capsules to the Curcu-Meric 975mg Capsule, is to maximize the number of different plant-based compounds to lower your inflammation by differing mechanisms, and deliver a variety of pure, natural, highly absorbable, and bioavailable vitamins and minerals.

Different Plant-Based compounds, Vitamins and minerals can have a positive impact on many different CELL types, Tissues, Organs, and body systems. Therefore, we recommend, for certain individuals, to change their ROOT Cause Supplements protocol every 3-4 months.

There are many different variations, and different pairings we suggest for specific conditions, as everyone is different. Please feel free to email Dr. Miller any health or supplement related questions.

For Maximal Anti-Inflammatory and Cellular Health Results, we recommend starting with our Curcu-Meric 975mg Capsule as the primary capsule, then adding one or two of our other capsules as they are all meant to work complementary with the Curcu-Meric 975mg capsule. Thus, the reason we provide different bundles on the SHOP Page of our website. This is not to create more sales, however, simply to allow you to achieve superior results. We place quality and results ahead of the business at ROOT Cause Supplements, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Website: OR

For Example, assume an individual started with Curcu-Meric 975mg capsule, and we recommend 2-4 capsules per day. Assume an individual is taking 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening, always with a meal or snack. Assume this individual decided to add 2 more capsules from ROOT Cause Supplements to their regimen. They would take 1 of each additional capsule with the 2 Curcu-Meric in the morning dose, and the same with the evening dose; 4 capsules total in morning hours, and 4 capsules total in evening hours.

Please feel free to email or text me with any questions related to our capsules, and / or any medical / wellness questions you may have.


Dr. J. Miller D.O./M.D., FACOG


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The Bioactive Ingredient in Turmeric, Curcumin, remains one of the most researched and studied Therapeutic plant-based compounds due to it’s ability to positively impact many different receptors on the cellular level, and maximally exerting anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant benefits on the cellular level. Curcu-Meric 975mg  capsule, image of label below, remains our primary, and flagship capsule, with other capsule formulas complementing this formula, with therapeutic ingredients all working synergistically. Taking 2-4 Curcu-Meric Daily, will significantly lower your inflammation, prevent disease, and improve quality of life. Adding one or two additional capsules from our Portfolio of capsules will simply be more beneficial.

Pricing on this label below is for retail purposes, and the cost is less when purchased directly from us, ROOT Cause Supplements, at our retail store, or our website.  All our supplements have 120 count and 200 count bottles. All capsules are 975mg per capsule.

OVERVIEW: Why Are ROOT Cause Supplements Different?

  1. Pure Organic Plant-Based Synergy of Compounds to Lower Whole-Body Inflammation
  2. Lowering Inflammation, consistently on a daily basis, to a significant degree, In the GUT, and the CELL membrane, to optimally absorb and process ALL Vitamins and Minerals, whether from a healthy diet, or those included in supplements.
  3. Small-Batch production at our Lab in Davie,FL – Plant-Based Ingredients are Organic, and not stored in barrels for long periods of time, like most supplement large scale manufacturers. Our Raw Ingredients are from North & South America only; and every batch of raw ingredient is tested for purity, contaminants, and heavy metals, and is not purchased in barrels, however, freshly purchased in 2-5 pound bags. No Ingredients are sourced from China / Asia, or the Far East.
  4. NO Fillers, Preservatives, Anti-Caking agents and synthetic (GMO) compounds are used. Most supplements contain these, contributing to Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation, defeating the purpose of taking supplements.
  5. Inflammation impacts every CELL, Tissue, Organ and Body System, and remains a contributing factor, and ROOT Cause to every disorder. Inflammation (Oxidative Stress) is not the ONLY factor in disease and illness; however, it is ALWAYS a contributing factor.
  6. We recommend googling any disorder and inflammation (oxidative stress); Ex. Google Cardiovascular Disease and Inflammation. Also do the same on the PubMed Platform.
  7. Comprehensive, Synergistic, Complementary, Affordable Line of Capsules, always being researched to improve formulas, and create new complementary formulas, where all capsules complement one another.
  8. Why So Many Formulas?  Just as different blood pressure or diabetes medications have different categories to impact different pathways and mechanisms that cause high blood pressure or diabetes. Inflammation has many different pathways and mechanisms. Different Plant-Based Compounds impact different pathways and mechanisms, allowing a maximal lowering of Inflammation, without taking an abundance of any one compound. The larger the variety of Plant-Based Ingredients you feed your system, the more ammunition you feed your CELLS to Optimize Your Immune System, which has MANY roles besides fighting off Infection.
  9. Our Immune System plays many different roles contributing to our Health, Quality of Life and Longevity. Lowering Inflammation Every Day, by a healthy Diet (Mediterranean Diet) and Anti-Inflammatory Plant-Based Synergistic Supplements, Strengthens Your Immune System, and makes it less likely to malfunction, causing Auto-Immune Disorders, and decreased efficiency in fighting off infections and cancer.
  10. In the past 25 Years Auto-Immune Disorders have increased, and our only answer has been to suppress our immune response, take NSAIDS to relieve pain and swelling, not address the ROOT Cause of the pain and swelling; which is Inflammation on a cellular level. In the past we relied on chemotherapy agents such as methotrexate and cyclophosphamide to suppress the Immune System, now we have newer agents, Biologics, however they still suppress the Immune System. Suppressing the Immune System long term is not Healthy! Optimize Your Immune System and correct the dysregulation, by lowering your Whole-Body Inflammation, suppressing it is only good short-term.
  11. Cardiovascular Disease remains the #1 Cause of Morbidity and Mortality. Inflammation (oxidative stress / oxidative reaction) on inner lining of the artery is the ROOT Cause, from whatever source of damage, Diabetes etc.. Our Plant-Based Synergistic Formulas maximally lower whole-body inflammation starting with Curcu-Meric 975mg.


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Purity  —  Synergy  —  Integrity  —  Results

As depicted in the image below, cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of Morbidity & Mortality. Chronic Inflammation is the primary modifiable risk factor. Those Individuals with elevated cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, diabetes & elevated BMI, have considerably more Inflammatory stress on the inner wall of the artery, and require more agressive lowering of their Inflammation. Our Supplements address much more than external pain and inflammation. Our Supplements maximally Lower Whole-Body Inflammation preventing future onset of cardiovascular disease, along with many other benefits which will be discussed.

Our Flagship Capsule Curcu-Meric 975mgTM along with our other 9 Plant-Based Capsules have clinically, objectively and therapeutically proven efficacy to significantly lower whole-body inflammation at the cellular level & optimize the Immune System