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As per Image above Vitamin D3 levels, I, Dr. Miller recommend high normal between 60-100 range.

Vitamin D3 works well with Curcumin / Turmeric as an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory agent to significantly reduce Inflammation, Whole-Body Inflammation, and not just the Joints.

Aspirin Use Tied to Lower Risk for Early Colorectal Cancer

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Turmeric / Curcumin Superior to Aspirin for Colorectal Cancer Prevention

The Majority of Traditional Synthetic Pharmaceutical Medications are based off the Organic Structure of Plant Based Compounds. These compounds are altered in the Lab via adding or deleting a chemical element and / or bond; also creating different types of isomers. Research has been increasingly confirming the Therapeutic Value of many Organic Compounds in Nature, without altering the structure, thus creating a synthetic compound and attaching a Trade Name to that compound. We are by no means discrediting the pharmaceutical Industry and the value of many Medications produced. We encourage an Integrative Medicine / Wellness / Preventative Approach.

Click link Below for an overview of several Categories of Plant Based Compounds which have therapeutic value, which synthetic Medications obtain their base Organic Structure from.

4-13-22 —– Neuro-Inflammation is likely to be The ROOT Cause of – Alzheimer’s disease and MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and other disorders of the nervous system. With Alzheimer’s, the plaques develop in certain areas of the central nervous system such as the hippocampus and amygdala regions, as well as between neurons, inhibiting proper communication between structures in the brain. The Beta-amyloid plaques begin accumulating years prior to clinical disease onset in many cases. With MS the plaques and scarring occur on the myelin sheath, which protects the nerves. Once the myelin sheath becomes damaged from chronic inflammation, electrical conduction becomes aberrant. Ingestion of foods classified as anti-inflammatory, along with quality Curcumin / Turmeric & Omega-3 Supplements to lower the predisposition of the Inciting inflammatory event via optimizing the immune system, along with decreasing the inflammation in these areas once the inciting event has occurred, is crucial for prevention and inhibition of progression once the diease has been triggered. Inflammtion to trigger the disease can be from a virus, auto-immune dysfunction, high levels of chronic inflammation (Oxidative Stress) over time. The key to prevention and treatment, is to lower inflammation on a daily basis consistently with healthy compounds, along with a healthy Anti-Inflammatory Diet. These compounds consist of 1- Turmeric / Curcumin therapeutic capsule with ginger and black pepper, 2- Omega-3 quality fish oil supplements, 3- Daily Vitamin D3 (5000-10,000 IU) , 4- Alpha Lipoic Acid with Biotin, 5-Boswelia Serrata, 6- MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), 7- B-Complex (B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B7,B12)

Taurine, Exercise & Adipose Tissue
A 2020, randomized, double-blind trial has shown that taurine supplementation associated with chronic exercise may increase mitochondrial activity and fatty acid oxidation gene expression in the subcutaneous white adipose tissue of obese women. While excess adipose tissue, as in the case of obesity, is associated with metabolic complications, mass itself is not the only culprit in obesity-driven metabolic abnormalities, highlighting the importance of healthy and metabolically adaptable adipose tissue.—————- currently Taurine is used in our Mens Energy & Libido Capsule.
Turmeric Root only contains 4-6% Curcuminoids by nature, thus very difficult to obtain sufficient doses of Curcumin / Curcuminoids (Bioactive ingredients) in Turmeric Root. To obtain Therapeutic levels in your tissues its recommended to ingest over 1000mg of curcuminoids daily (2 Curcu-Meric Capsules). 3-4 Capsules is recommended for those requiring higher levels for medical conditions.

Study referenced below clearly demonstrates a significant advantage for curcumin over NSAIDS, to lower CRP levels. Actually, NSAIDS raised CRP Levels? One would ask, how could NSAIDS be considered anti-inflammatory agents of they raise an inflammatory Biomarker in our blood. Well, synthetic NSAIDS will artificially lower inflammation Short-Term, however, create an immune response with long term use, and raise our chronic inflammation. Thus, the next question, if NSAIDS are considered anti-inflammatory agents, why do they increase the risk of Heart Attacks and Stroke with continued use? For the same reason, as since they are synthetic agents, they create a pro-inflammatory state, thus increasing plaque build-up on the interior endothelial surface of our vessels.

Curcumin – The active component in Turmeric ROOT & Health Benefits – CLICK LINK BELOW

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Curcumin & Resveratrol for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – Activation of the Keap1 / Nrf2 / ARE Pathway to decrease Oxidative Stress (Chronic Inflammation)- CLICK LINK BELOW

Curcumin & Autoimmune Rheumatic Disorders – Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) & Lupus- CLICK LINK BELOW

Curcumin & Resveratrol Management of Alzheimer’s and Neurodegenerative disorders CLICK LINK BELOW

Curcumin / Turmeric effective to treat Thyroid Goiter (Hashimoto’s) CLICK LINK BELOW

Curcumin & Positive Benefit for Lupus Nephritis, with reduction of Proteinuria

Curcumin – Bioactive ingredient in Turmeric ROOT- Extensively Researched with continuing studies ongoing on multiple levels. Curcumin is one of the healthiest compounds to ingest daily, and should remain on the top of your list of supplements.

Curcumin Can be Ingested Daily as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent, and is extremely Healthy for Whole Body Wellness. Has a positive impact on both physical and emotional wellbeing, has blood thinning benefits superior to aspirin, and is clinically proven to accomplish the following:

Improve Immune System

Improve Cardiovascular Health (Inner lining of Blood Vessels)

Improve Respiratory Disorders (i.e. Asthma, COPD, Sinusitis)

Decrease Incidence / Prevalence of Cancer

Improve Blood Flow to Extremities & Brain

Increase Metabolism via Cellular signaling to process sugars, fats & protein

Decreases Incidence of Alzheimer’s and other Dementias

Decrease Arthritis Pain & Other Pain Syndromes

Decrease Neuropathic Pain (i.e.- Diabetic Neuropathy)

Decrease Pain & Swelling from Auto-Immune Disorders (i.e Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Scleroderma)

Decrease Severity and Flares of Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea

Decrease Immune System attack on tissues (i.e. Ulcerative Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis)

Decrease Menstrual Cramps and Bloating / Swelling

Improve Pain from Endometriosis

Decrease Pain & Bleeding from Fibroids

Decrease Pain and swelling from ovarian cysts

Improve Kidney and liver, Health & Function

Improve Digestion of Food and Health of Small & Large Intestines (IBS, Colitis)

Improve Absorption of Foods (i.e. Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals)

Improve Menopausal Symptoms and sleep Patterns

Protect Cellular DNA and Improve Mitochondrial Function

Improve Gut Health and Immune System (70% of the immune system resides in the gut wall, thus a healthier gut is a healthier immune system)

Decrease “Leaky Gut Syndrome”- Not always are people symptomatic

Chelation of impurities from the blood

Lowers Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

Improves Mood and Concentration