We at ROOT Cause Supplements, Fort Lauderdale, FL,  strive to produce the cleanest, purest, plant-based supplements to lower-whole body inflammation, and optimize cellular health. Our Line of Synergistic Capsules offer benefits to all body systems, starting with our Curcu-Meric 975mg Capsule.

There are other therapeutic supplement brands, with high quality products, and others with products which are over-priced, and contain many fillers, additives, preservatives, and anti-caking agents in production.

No matter how pure and strong a capsule is, customers are not educated enough in the supplement industry that taking 2-4 of a supplement is better than 1-2. The difficulty with the current climate in the supplement industry is:  1- Pricing (taking 2-4 can be costly)    2- additional ingredients in the capsules are not healthy at higher doses (fillers, additives, preservatives, and anti-caking agents).

We at ROOT Cause Supplements, educate our clients / customers on the short-term and long-term benefits of taking 2-4 of our capsules per day. Despite some of our capsule formulas being more specific for certain body systems, they all have therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties, with our most therapeutic anti-inflammatory being Curcu-Meric 975mg. Lowering Inflammation daily is critical for the health and well-being of all body systems.

To achieve maximal results, our supplements contain Organic Plant-Based ingredients, combined with pure high-grade vitamins, minerals & adaptogens; without any fillers, additives, preservatives, and anti-caking agents; at extremely fair pricing, to ensure our clients / customers have no barriers to taking enough supplements daily, to feel and see true life-changing therapeutic results. Improving Quality of life, Improved Blood Laboratory Results, Lower Cholesterol Levels, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Bone Density, Neurological and Psychological Well-Being, Prostate Conditions, Hormone Imbalance Problems, Pain from Arthritis-Muscle-Joint-Nerve Conditions, and more.

 Lowering Whole-Body Inflammation is much more than simply reducing external symptomatic pain, as it addresses the ROOT Cause, of internal health concerns.

As we slowly expand our line of supplements, we pair our products together for several reasons: 1- When it comes to lowering whole-body Inflammation to a significant degree, we like to combine other plant-based ingredients (which all have their own unique mechanism of lowering Inflammation), with our Curcu-Meric 975mg Capsule for maximal effect. 2- Starting with our Curcu-Meric 975mg capsule, which is universal for all body systems, our other capsules are more specific for certain body systems, despite there being much overlap. An example of overlap would be, the Gluco-Mmune 975mg capsule not only helps regulate blood-sugars, however, is also healthy for your cardiovascular system, and also to lower inflammation. Another example of overlap would be: Metabolism is positively affected by Curcu-Meric, Gluco-Mmune, Neuro-Mmune, and several other capsules, via each capsule’s own unique mechanism. The term overlap in this paragraph is referring to achieving maximum therapeutic results to, for example, lower cholesterol, via utilizing several capsules, with different ingredients, however lowering cholesterol by different mechanisms, while lowering whole-body Inflammation.

Lastly, for us to fully achieve our goals at ROOT Cause Supplements, we want to provide our customers with extremely therapeutic combinations of supplements working synergistically together to address specific health concerns. Why Bundles? No matter how pure a capsule is, there is only so much ingredient that can fit and be included in one capsule; therefore, combing several capsules with different ingredients creates a synergistic effect (ex. 2+2=6). Therefore, we carefully selected other companies we source products from, to pair with our capsules to achieve specific Therapeutic Results for specific conditions, and specific body systems.

As our Line of capsules has expanded to 10 Capsules, since our inception in 2015, we bundle 2-4 different capsules to achieve our results and goals for our clients / customers.

Your starting point is to click on SHOP page of our menu bar on front page to decide which products / Bundles you feel best fit your needs from our posted options on the SHOP Page.

Alternatively you may consider emailing us to inquire what other products we recommend for your Health Concerns. Everyone is different; therefore, the below bundles vary greatly between each Individual. One individuals Cardiovascular Bundle can include different items than another. However, we almost always start with Curcu-Meric 975mg.

The Following are examples of bundles we create for specific Health Concerns:

Cardiovascular Bundles

Neuro-Brain Health Bundles

GI Tract Health Bundles

Osteoporosis Bundles

Anemia Bundles

Arthritis Bundles

Thyroid Health Bundles

Glucose Control Bundles

Cholesterol Lowering Bundle

Metabolism Boosting Bundles

Auto-Immune Disorder Bundles

Circulatory Problem Bundles

Women’s Health Bundles

Men’s Health Bundles

We are a NO Compromise Company, retaining all production in our certified lab so we may monitor and purchase only professional grade pure compounds / ingredients. We uphold high ethical standards and fully support our products ( ROOT Cause Supplements, LLC). We offer 100% garanteed satisfaction, and if by any means you decide our products do not meet your expectations, we will refund the original amount without any time limit, and no need to return the product / products.

Yes we do Source other product lines to pair with our products, however, Utilizing 2-4 different capsules simultaneously from ROOT Cause Supplements, line of capsules is extremely effective for Maximal Reduction of Whole Body Inflammation (Curcu-Meric 975, Berry-Mmune 975, Gluco-Mmune 975, etc…) & Overall Health, Management of Pain, Assist with Weight Control, Cardiovascular Health, Brain Health, Gut Health & Optimizing Your Immune System.

Adding a quality Omega-3 Softgel, as the 2 imaged above, to a daily Curcumin / Turmeric Capsule as summarized below, remain a formidable pair, to add to your daily regimen, to lower whoe-body inflammation. SEE our SHOP Page for options (We extend wholesale pricing on products from other companies, as the 2 Omega-3 softgels imaged above, when paired with our products)

We at ROOT Cause Supplements produce capsules and products which are pure, without fillers or preservatives. We pair our & capsules with other formulas which we deem very effective and therapeutic. Below are some companies we are partnered with, and extend to our clients wholesale pricing. ——–See SHOP Page on front menu bar, for Complete Review of all Bundle Options and information on dosing and products.

Histamine Intolerance Supplements


Histamine intolerance is a global issue that remains largely unrecognized. Common symptoms of histamine intolerance are irritability, profuse sweating or becoming red in the face when exercising, exercise-induced asthma, psoriasis, eczema, insomnia, nosebleeds, anxiety, and sweaty hands and feet. Stress worsens histamine intolerance as do histamine-containing foods and drinks such as citrus their juices, fermented foods, red wine, champagne, fish, tomatoes, and leftovers. An enzyme called DAO is produced by our digestive system to help break down histamine. Some people do not produce enough of this important enzyme and taking a DAO supplement like Histamine Block can be quite helpful. Our ProBiota HistaminX intentionally excludes certain strains of probiotics that are known to produce histamine in the gut. Stress and anxiety also increase histamine-release from cells, which is why it’s important to manage stress levels by focusing on good sleepbreathing and diet. Optimal Adrenal may also help to bring balance to stress responses. Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C Plus may help to support healthy cell membranes which are needed to keep naturally-produced histamine inside of the cells where it belongs. Once you start learning about histamine intolerance and providing your body the right supplements and nutrients, large strides in your health can be realized quite quickly. Our top-rated histamine intolerance supplements are Histamine BlockProBiota HistaminXOptimal Liposomal Vitamin C Plus and HistaminX.*

Anemia Treatment Bundle 001

Iron Deficiency anemia is the most common form of anemia. It is important to take Vitamin C with Iron supplements, along with B-Vitamins for maximal efficacy and absorption.

Bone Health Therapeutic Synergy 001

Female Hormone Support Bundle 001

SEE ALL Bundles & Products on SHOP page

Below Agents can have more effective preventative health benefits than some RX meds, without the side affects–Email us for supplements you may not see listed

We are updating the SHOP section of our website, to include more options and products from ThorneTM and other companies. If you would like a product you dont see, please email us at millerobgyn19@yahoo.com, as we extend our wholesale pricing on other brands to our clients.

Prenatal Considerations:

·        Basic Prenatal – Designed to be gentle and effective to reduce the risk of stomach upset. Contains well absorbed and researched iron bisglycinate which is easy on the stomach and non-constipating

·        Fish Oil: Omega Plus – EPA & DHA as a critical building block of the fetal brain, eyes, and nervous system

·        Folate: 5-MTHF 1mg – the active form of folate which can help prevent birth defects and needed for healthy growth and development

·        Probiotics: FloraPro-LP as one example – Lactobacillus species help improve glucose metabolism during pregnancy and while you’re breastfeeding.

·        FiberMend – for blood sugar support and digestive/microbiome support; avoid the common constipation during pregnancy (worked AMAZING for me and post-partum as well)

·        Vitamin D 1000 or Vit D Liquid – Studies show that vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy was associated with significant improvements in the incidence of low birth-weight or small-for-gestational-age infants, and was positively associated with greater birth weight, length, and head circumference

·        Phosphatidyl Choline – Studies show it positively influences fetal and child development and behavior as well as brain and cognitive health of the baby

·        Magnesium Bisglycinate – helpful for sleep and muscle relaxation (leg cramps)

·        Calcium – or Cal/Mag combo – helpful in last 3 months of pregnancy when baby develops skeleton and needs more calcium; avoid drawing from mother’s bones

Upcoming / Future Product Considerations:

·        Women’s health products including fertility support currently in development for Q2 2022 (more info to follow as it gets closer to launch)

Postnatal Considerations (especially added nutrient considerations if breastfeeding):

·        Multi-vitamin (continue prenatal)

·        Fish oil: Omega Plus or Super EPA

·        Vitamin D 1000 or Vit D Liquid

·        Whey Protein

·        Probiotics: others include FloraMend PrimeFloraSport 20B

Blog / Educational Content:

·        Prenatal Vitamins and Lead: What A Woman Needs to Know: https://www.thorne.com/take-5-daily/article/prenatal-vitamins-and-lead-what-a-woman-needs-to-know

·        The Microbiome and Birth: Mayo Clinic Answers the Essential Questions https://www.thorne.com/take-5-daily/article/the-microbiome-and-birth-mayo-clinic-answers-the-essential-questions

·        How Will Pregnancy Affect My Blood Sugar Levels? https://www.thorne.com/take-5-daily/article/how-will-pregnancy-affect-my-blood-sugar-levels

·        Why You Should Know Your Vitamin D Status If You’re Planning A Pregnancy https://www.thorne.com/take-5-daily/article/why-you-should-know-your-vitamin-d-status-if-you-re-planning-a-pregnancy

·        Essential Nutrition for Breastfeeding Moms https://www.thorne.com/take-5-daily/article/essential-nutrition-for-breastfeeding-moms

One Example of how our Customers / Clients Integrate these products into their health regimens is for those who are looking to lose weight.

Our Overview statement regarding weight-loss is: There is no magic bullet, it is all about discipline and preparation of Low-Carbohydrate, High-Protein, Plant-Based Protein, Healthy Fat MEALS, coupled with consistent daily intake of supplements which are depleted, or don’t exist in your diet by nature. Also, intermittent fasting, of which there is Deep Fasting, which we will discuss in future BLOGS, and your routine everyday smaller meal / calorie intake at each meal / snack, eating more frequently throughout the day, fasting protocol. For Example eating 5-6 times, smaller amounts, such as 2 small meals and 4 small snacks, from 7Am-7PM. Coupling this for example with the following Regimen has become popular.

Regimen: 2- Curcu-Meric 900 mg Capsules AM with food, 1 – 7 Keto-DHEA (from LE) AM at same time. A cup of our Nutrient Dense Alkaline Instant Coffee. At Lunch time 1-2 0z. of our Apple Cider Vinegar. Then in evening with Food again repeating the 2- Curcu-Meric 900 mg Capsules and the 1- 7 Keto-DHEA (from LE).

The Example Regimen listed above was a simple regimen, and there are many other ways to approach this. Also, when it comes to weight-loss Regimens, every several months we like to change it up, as there are many other products from Life Extension (LE) & Metagenics (M) that we recommend. For Example, replacing the 7 Keto-DHEA (LE) listed above with NAD+ (LE) or L-Carnitine (LE) or cAMPK Activator (LE) . Also replacing the Apple Cider Vinegar at lunch with our Probiotic Elixir (1-2 oz.) for several months, then switching back to the Apple Cider Vinegar, alternating every several months.

Most Treatment Plans in Medicine Require Adherence to Specific Protocols for 3-6 months to yield results, especially with chronic, long term conditions

Specific Regimen & Protocols



Elevated Cholesterol

Cognitive Dysfunction

Anxiety / Insomnia


BPH / Prostatitis



We field many questions on a daily basis regarding different vitamins / supplements, and we continually remind our customers that the basic list below, of Vitamins / Minerals/ Adaptogens / Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant agents are the ones to focus on, and are research proven to improve wellness, optimize the Immune System, prevent disease & prolong longevity with improved quality of life. After establishing a good regimen, then one may start utilizing other agents such as mushroom extracts, Modified Citrus Pectin & other specific compounds and natural agents.

We field many questions on a daily basis regarding different vitamins / supplements, and we continually remind our customers that the above Vitamins / MInerals/ Adaptogens are research proven to improve wellness. Our Plant-Based Trio of Capsules imaged above incorporates 30+ compounds, plant-based, plus core vitamins. However, if one (1) should be selected, for everyday wellness support, it would be our Curcu-Meric 975mgR

NIAGEN® nicotinamide riboside increases cellular levels of NAD+. Resveratrol supports the healthy expression of longevity genes. We’ve combined the two into an innovative nutritional supplement that encourages youthful cellular energy and vitality, promotes metabolic activity consistent with longevity, supports healthy cellular metabolism, modulates the expression of genes associated with some aspects of the aging process and more.

Get NIAGEN® and trans-resveratrol together in our Best in Class formula for cellular energy support and fighting general fatigue.
NAD+ Cell Regenerator™ and Resveratrol Benefits
  • Uses NIAGEN® nicotinamide riboside to fight general fatigue on a cellular level
  • Contains resveratrol to modulate expression of genes associated with some aspects of aging
  • Contains an optimized 300 mg dose of NIAGEN® in every capsule
  • Promotes mitochondrial health and youthful cellular energy production
  • Helps inhibit oxidative stress, promotes cardiovascular health & more

What is NIAGEN®?

Found in red grapes, as well as Japanese knotweed, resveratrol is a plant compound that promotes and maintains optimal health and longevity.

NIAGEN® nicotinamide riboside increases cellular levels of NAD+, an enzyme critical to healthy cellular energy production.

Vitamin C and Bio-Quercetin Phytosome is a high-potency vitamin C supplement with an ultra-absorbable form of quercetin, encased in a plant-derived phytosome delivery system. Vitamin C supports immune health, collagen production, a healthy cardiovascular system and more. Quercetin is a flavonoid that complements vitamin C’s health benefits.

Quercetin complements vitamin C, inhibiting oxidative stress and inflammation to support cardiovascular health.
Vitamin C and Bio-Quercetin Phytosome Benefits
  • Protects against oxidation with 1,000 mg of vitamin C
  • Encourages healthy immune system function with ultra-absorbable Bio-Quercetin
  • Promotes collagen formation and healthy iron uptake
  • Supports cardiovascular health
What is the benefit of vitamin C?

Vitamin C promotes immune response, fights oxidative stress and can act as an osmotic agent, drawing water into the intestines to promote regularity.

Why did we add bio-quercetin?

Bio-quercetin is encased in a phytosome phospholipid sphere to make it up 50 times more bioavailable than traditional quercetin.

The Primary Goal and initial vision for ROOT Cause Supplements was / is to create a line of Plant-Based Supplements, of superior quality, to address the ROOT Cause of Health & Wellness- Decrease Inflammation and provide our cells with the necessary vitamins, minerals, cofactors, enzymes, anti-oxidants to function at most efficient and optimal level to prevent illness and improve quality of life. In order to fully accomplish our goals we pair our products with unique, professional, highly effective supplements from other companies. We extend our wholesale discounted prices towards our clients.

Why did we add resveratrol?

What Is Iron Protein Plus?

The human body needs iron as an essential part of supporting hemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying protein abundant in red blood cells. If you aren’t getting enough iron, your body can’t carry oxygen from the lungs throughout your body. Iron is also an integral part of many other proteins that help maintain overall health.

The human body needs iron as an essential part of supporting hemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying protein abundant in red blood cells.
Iron Protein Plus Benefits
  • Promotes healthy red blood cell formation
  • Supports healthy oxygen-carrying capacity of blood (hemoglobin)
  • Essential for supporting immune health

What Is BioActive Complete B-Complex?

Are you getting enough vitamin B? There are more forms of it than you may think, and each plays a different role. So it’s important to get a wide spectrum of the vitamin B family, every day. BioActive Complete B-Complex is made with the biologically active forms of each nutrient, optimizing absorption and giving your body what it needs to thrive.

Getting your Bs doesn’t have to be difficult. Get the biologically active forms of these vitamins you need to thrive.
BioActive Complete B-Complex Benefits
  • Boosts energy production and promotes a healthy metabolism
  • Encourages brain, cellular and organ health
  • More biologically active so your body can use each nutrient more effectively
What is pantothenic acid?

Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, supports hemoglobin synthesis, hormone and neurotransmitter health, as well as carbohydrate and fatty acid oxidation.

Why add pyridoxine and pyridoxal?

Vitamin B6 in the form of pyridoxine HCI and pyridoxal 5′-phosphate affects amino acid and lipid metabolism, neurotransmitter health, and hemoglobin synthesis.