Keep Moving – Arthritis inhibits mobility Impacting many aspects of our health

“I was diagnosed with bone on bone arthritis in my left knee, I initiated Curcu-Meric 975mg capsule, and my pain has been relieved by 80-90%. Dr. Miller stated bone on bone diagnosis by x-ray is not as acurate as by MRI. Prior to further work-up or surgery, I decided to give it a try, as he stated everyone experiences a different level of pain relief. In my situation I was able to avoid surgery and feel great.”

E.V., East Lansing, MI

Our Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Wellness are all in ONE Continuum

“My Migraine Headaches have been a problem since my car accident in June 2017. The Curcu-Meric Capsule has greatly decreased the frequency and intensity of my migraines, allowing me to be much more productive at work and significantly improving my quality of life”

M.A., New York, NY

Health is found in Nature at The Source

“I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, dermatomyositis, and after 2 years found myself confined to a wheel chair. I take 8 Curcu-Meric capsules per day, and am currently ambulatory. When my Rheumatologist asked me what I have been doing differently, I showed her this incredible Synergistic capsule Formula, and she recommended I continue on it.”

M.P., West Palm Beach, FL

Plant-Based Diet & Supplements – Key to Prevention

Our Vision at The ROOT Cause, LLC was to Formulate Plant-Based Supplements & Natural Products of the Purest & Highest Quality, while making them affordable to take on a consistent daily basis.

“My RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), was unbearable, and the side affects of my methotrexate forced me to discontinue it. When I started Dr. Miller’s Capsule I was amazed at the tremendous improvement in my pain and swelling.”

J.L., Milford, CT

Preparing Meals Ahead of time besides saving time and money, allows us to Eat Healthier, incorporating healthy Spices and Nutrient Dense Ingredients; while taking the stress out of our already busy lives

“The Curcu-Meric Capsule has been a game changer for me, as since starting 4 capsules per day for my MS (Multiple Sclerosis), I have experienced much decreased pain, Improved Motility, and a decrease in my disease flares.”

A.S., Miami, FL


“I was diagnosed with Lupus 8 years, and have been on Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) for the past 4 years. I followed your instruction to slowly wean off the Plaquenil after 3 months of being on 4 Curcu-Meric Capsules per day. So far I have been on 1/2 of my plaquenil dose for the past 2 months and I feel great, Thank you!”

K.R., Hoboken, NJ

What is the Meaning of SYNERGY when we describe our capsule?

Curcu-Meric 975 mg Synergistic Therapeutic Capsule

This has been a common question, and the best analogy we like to use is the Following:

If an individual is taking Blood Pressure Medicine A and their BP is reduced by 10%. Then they trial Blood Pressure Medicine B, and the BP is reduced by 10%. If that same individual takes both Blood Pressure Medicines A & B Simultaneously, one would expect the Blood Pressure to be reduced by 20%, however, we may see a 30-35% reduction in Blood Pressure. This is the power of synergy when we combine different compounds. We see this in many areas of medicine, such as when administering Chemotherapy

Studies have shown that following a Predominantly Plant-Based Diet or Mediterranean Diet, reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease, and in some cases can reverse atherosclerosis.