1- Can I take with Blood Thinners? 2- Can I take when Breast Feeding? 3- Does it help with Peripheral Neuropathy? 4- Does it improve my Thyroid Condition 5- Can I take following Surgery? 6- Can I take with Blood Pressure and / or Diabetes Meds? 7- Can I take to prevent my Cancer from reoccurring ? 8- How many pills should I take for my condition? ETC…

Feel Free to Email us at: [email protected] with any Questions you may have pertaining to Our Capsules, or complimentary wellness advice. Initial Production Commenced in 2015 with our high-dose, synergistic formula, maximum Absorption & Bioavailability Curcu-Meric 975 mg CapsuleTM . Gluco-Mmune 975 mg CapsuleTM (Polyphenol formula for Inflammation & Blood Sugar Control) AND Elder-Mmune 975 mgTM (Elderberry Capsule with perfect synergy of Ingredients). These 2 capsules are the perfect complement to our Curcumin / Turmeric formula, Curcu-Meric 975mg Capsule for maximal reduction of Whole-Body Inflammation, as many other Plant Based compounds, Vitamins, Minerals and AZdaptogens lower Inflammation / Oxidative Stress. These 3 Synergistic Plant Based Capsules address the ROOT CAUSE of disease pathology, which consists of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress on a Cellular Level.

One Common Question that arises frequently is the interaction Curcumin may have with Prescription Medications. Not only does Curcumin & Turmeric have an extremely favorable profile without any interactions, it cleanses the liver, and works synergistically with Cardiovascular and Diabetic Meds, to prevent Cardiovascular disease, and help regulate blood sugars, lowering HgbA1C. See link below for evidence based information.


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