I, Dr. Joseph Miller, receive many questions on a daily basis with respect to my clients / customers health matters. Even if not associated with how our supplements can help them, and you simply need guidance and information, or for me to review your Blood / Lab Results, and / or Imaging Study Results, feel free to email me directly at: millerobgyn19@yahoo.com or text 609-489-9425

1- Can I take with Blood Thinners? 2- Can I take when Breast Feeding? 3- Does it help with Peripheral Neuropathy? 4- Does it improve my Thyroid Condition 5- Can I take following Surgery? 6- Can I take with Blood Pressure and / or Diabetes Meds? 7- Can I take to prevent my Cancer from reoccurring ? 8- How many pills should I take for my condition? 9- How can I wean off my cholesterol Meds, especially Statins (which have significant side effects) ETC…

Feel Free to Email us at: millerobgyn19@yahoo.com with any Questions you may have pertaining to Our Capsules, or complimentary wellness advice. Initial Production Commenced in 2015 with our high-dose, synergistic formula, maximum Absorption & Bioavailability Curcu-Meric 975 mg CapsuleTM . Gluco-Mmune 975 mg CapsuleTM (Polyphenol formula for Inflammation & Blood Sugar Control) AND Berry-Mmune 975 mgTM . These 2 capsules are the perfect complement to our Curcumin / Turmeric formula, Curcu-Meric 975mg Capsule for maximal reduction of Whole-Body Inflammation, as many other Plant Based compounds, Vitamins, Minerals and Adaptogens exist lower Inflammation / Oxidative Stress, besides the ingredients in our powerful and extremely therapeutic flagship capsule, Curcu-Meric 975 mg CapsuleTM . These 3 Synergistic Plant Based Capsules address the ROOT CAUSE of disease pathology, which consists of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress on a Cellular Level.

One Common Question that arises frequently is the interaction Curcumin may have with Prescription Medications. Not only does Curcumin & Turmeric have an extremely favorable profile without any interactions, it cleanses the liver, and works synergistically with Cardiovascular and Diabetic Meds, to prevent Cardiovascular disease, and help regulate blood sugars, lowering HgbA1C. See link below for evidence based information.


What is Detox, Cleanse, Bowl Cleanse, Nutritional Cleanse, Bowel Detox, Liver Detox, Kidney Detox?

All these terms are used very generically, and too liberally for mainly marketing purposes. For 18 years I practiced OB/GYN & Pelvic Surgery, and was involved in many General Surgery Cases as an assistant Surgeon where we needed to resect, and / or open the small or large intestine. There is a myth that the GUT can accumulate substances that stick to your inner intestinal wall. This is absolutely, 100% untrue. The inner linning of your Intestines & Colon is pink mucosa similar to the inside of your mouth. Not one patient out of the hundreds of General Surgery cases I was involved in, had any substance stuck to their inner lining of the GUT. One exception would be exudates from an infection or cancer. So what do all these terms mean? Detox, Cleanse etc…

In order to cleanse / detox your cells, organs, small intestines, large intestines, kidneys, liver and ALL Body Systems and Tissues, we simply need to intake healthy foods, predominantly plant-based, in smaller amounts, while ingesting pure high-grade supplements, whether capsules, pills or liquids on a daily basis. At the same time abstain from alcohol, exercise moderately, and get proper rest and sleep.

Adding on the practice of Intermittent fasting is extremely valuable, as this allows your cells and tissues to work hard processing all the healthy supplements you are ingesting, and not processing an abundance of food intake; this is where the concept of cellular cleansing is impacted, allowing the cells in your Liver, Kidney, GUT and other organs to eliminate toxins, that we accumulate from foods, environmental pollutants, trace metals & respiratory tract contaminants via functioning at extremely efficient and optimal levels as they were designed. Therefore, this concept of agressively detoxing your body with lets say, a 21 day detox, will create more stress on your cells and organs than under normal circumstances.

If you would like be more agressive with fasting to accomplish your goals, and accelerate weight loss, I recommend no longer than 24-36 hour fast, once per month. However, this does not mean you do not eat or drink anything. You must take in small amounts of nutrient dense liquids and foods. What does this mean? 1/2 the amount of your normal protein shake, just once during the 24-36 hour fast, along with liquids, vitamin products, and other healthy high-grade products that are added to your water; as you will be drinking lots of water enriched with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and other healthy plant-based ingredients. You may also have 1 -100 calorie snack during this 24-36 hour prolonged fast once per month. On a daily basis the rest of the month eat smaller meals / snacks, with healthy carbs, higher in protein, healthy fats. 100-200 calorie snacks, 200-400 calorie meals, keeping your calories slightly below your recommendations for your age, gender and weight / BMI.

There are many misperceptions and much misinformation regarding these topics (i.e Detox / Cleanse) for the sake of marketing products and wellness programs, also simply because many companies and individuals are not educated on the physiology of the Human body, and it’s intrinsic ability to cleanse and detox itself. Your body detoxes and cleanses itself if you adopt a healthy daily lifestyle. This includes clean eating, supplements, exercise, hydration, meditation, sleep, no smoking, very limited alcohol (1 drink, 3 times a week for women; 1-2 drinks, 3 times a week for men). Your cells in ALL your organs will now be functioning like a very efficient engine which is well-maintained. Our cells are like an engine, there is only a certain percentage of efficiency. Lets assume a combustible engine has a normal efficiency of 45% and if well maintained it may go up to 50-55%. Our cells function under the same concept. Our cells may have a normal efficiency of 65-70%. If you have bad habits that may drop to 55-60%, and now your cells are working at a compromised state which raises you probability of developing an illness, disease or auto-immune disorder.

However, if you adopt the healthy habits discussed herein, you will raise your cellular efficiency to 75-80%, thus warding off future disease, improving your quality of life, and allowing your cells and organs to properly function as detox and cleanse machines on a daily basis. This will yield normal bowel movements, less time toxins remain in contact with the bowel lining and better absorption of nutrients and minerals. Once again agressive detoxes / cleanses, especially those involving the Intestines / Colon / Bowels are not warranted, and do more harm. Remember, Nothing accumulates inside your GUT, as the lining is pink mucosa like the lining of your mouth and throat, except in certain curcumstances as prviously mentioned, requiring different treatment.

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A Significant factor affecting our Physical, Psychological & Emotional Wellness, centers on how well an individual is educated about their health status; in order to make proper decisions to treat and prevent disease

We at ROOT Cause Supplements, Fort Lauderdale, FL,  strive to produce the cleanest, purest, plant-based supplements to lower-whole body inflammation, and optimize cellular health. Our Line of Synergistic Capsules offer benefits to all body systems, starting with our Curcu-Meric 975mg Capsule.

There are many therapeutic supplement brands, with high quality products, and others with products which are over-priced, and contain many fillers, additives, preservatives, and anti-caking agents in production.

No matter how pure and strong a capsule is, customers are not educated enough in the supplement industry that taking 2-4 of a supplement is better than 1-2. The difficulty with the current climate in the supplement industry is:  1- Pricing (taking 2-4 can be costly)    2- additional ingredients in the capsules are not healthy at higher doses (fillers, additives, preservatives, and anti-caking agents).

We at ROOT Cause Supplements, educate our clients / customers on the short-term and long-term benefits of taking 2-4 of our capsules per day. Despite some of our capsule formulas being more specific for certain body systems, they all have therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties, with our most therapeutic anti-inflammatory being Curcu-Meric 975mg. Lowering Inflammation daily is critical for the health and well-being of all body systems.

To achieve maximal results, our supplements contain Organic Plant-Based ingredients, combined with pure high-grade vitamins, minerals & adaptogens; without any fillers, additives, preservatives, and anti-caking agents; at extremely fair pricing, to ensure our clients / customers have no barriers to taking enough supplements daily, to feel and see true life-changing therapeutic results. Improving Quality of life, Blood Laboratory Results, Cholesterol Levels, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Bone Density, Neurological and Psychological Well-Being, Prostate Conditions, Hormone Imbalance Problems, Pain from Arthritis-Muscle-Joint-Nerve Conditions, and more.

 Lowering Whole-Body Inflammation is much more than simply reducing external symptomatic pain, as it addresses the ROOT Cause, of internal health concerns.

As we slowly expand our line of supplements, we pair our products together for several reasons: 1- When it comes to lowering whole-body Inflammation to a significant degree, we like to combine other plant-based ingredients (which all have their own unique mechanism of lowering Inflammation), with our Curcu-Meric 975mg Capsule for maximal effect. 2- Starting with our Curcu-Meric 975mg capsule, which is universal for all body systems, our other capsules are more specific for certain body systems, despite there being much overlap. An example of overlap would be, the Gluco-Mmune 975mg capsule not only helps regulate blood-sugars, however, is also healthy for your cardiovascular system, and also to lower inflammation. Another example of overlap would be: Metabolism is positively affected by Curcu-Meric, Gluco-Mmune, Neuro-Mmune, and several other capsules, via each capsule’s own unique mechanism.

Lastly, for us to fully achieve our goals at ROOT Cause Supplements, we want to provide our customers with extremely therapeutic combinations of supplements working synergistically together to address specific health concerns. Why Bundles? No matter how pure a capsule is, there is only so much ingredient that can fit and be included in one capsule; therefore, combing several capsules with different ingredients creates a synergistic effect (ex. 2+2=6). Therefore, we carefully selected other companies we source products from, to pair with our capsules to achieve specific Therapeutic Results for specific conditions, and specific body systems.

Your starting point is to click on SHOP page of our menu bar on front page to decide which products / Bundles you feel best fit your needs from our , then consider emailing us to inquire what other products we recommend for your Health Concerns. Everyone is different; therefore, the below bundles vary greatly between each Individual. One individuals Cardiovascular Bundle can include different items than another. However, we almost always start with Curcu-Meric 975mg.

The Following are examples of bundles we create for specific Health Concerns:

Cardiovascular Bundles

Neuro-Brain Health Bundles

GI Tract Health Bundles

Osteoporosis Bundles

Anemia Bundles

Arthritis Bundles

Thyroid Health Bundles

Glucose Control Bundles

Cholesterol Lowering Bundle

Metabolism Boosting Bundles

Auto-Immune Disorder Bundles

Circulatory Problem Bundles

Women’s Health Bundles

Men’s Health Bundles

With our Products at ROOT Cause Supplements, priced extremely fair for the high quality, along with us extending wholesale pricing from products used from companies below, we accomplish our goal of yielding maximal wellness results, at lowest pricing.

We recommend you begin with one of our options on our SHOP Page of the website, then email us your Health goals / problems at: millerobgyn19@yahoo.com,  and we will email you back what we recommend you add to our products for your next purchase. We will email you the Bundle we recommend after reviewing your health conditions and providing feedback. Remember with our pricing at ROOT Cause Supplements extremely fair, and wholesale pricing from the below companies extended to our customers, our customers receive superior therapeutic unmatched results and pricing.

An example of one type of Cardiovascular Bundle would be: Curcu-Meric 975mg, Gluco-Mmune 975mg PLUS Omega-3 from Life Extension and CoEnzyme Q10 from Thorne – and we will instruct how to take those 4 capsules.

Life Extension – lifeextension.com

Thorne – thorne.com

Natures Plus – naturesplus.com

Seeking Health – seekinghealth.com

Pure Encapsulations – pureencapsulationspro.com

Mary Ruths – maryruthorganics.com

Nordic Naturals – nordicnaturals.com/professionals/

Garden of Life – gardenoflife.com

Vibrant Health – vibranthealth.com

Biotics Research – bioticsresearch.com

Nutrafol – nutrafol.com

Allergy Research Group- allergyresearchgroup.com

Optimox – optimox.com

Dr. Mercola Products – drmercola.com

Gaia Pro Supplements – gaiaherbs.com

Solaray Supplements

Metagenics – metagenics.com

EltaMD – eltamd.com

Viviscal Pro – vxprohair.com

Murad – murad.com

GreenRoads CBD – greenroads.com