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The above image is a very rough draft of the lungs. The black straight tube-like structures are the Bronchi. Starting with the Bronchus and descending to the right and left mainstem bronchi, then primary and secondary bronchi, and smaller to the bronchioles with the alveolar sacs at the end, where oxygen exchange occurs and the hemoglobin in your blood is re-oxygenated, and the blood releases carbon dioxide for us to breathe out and release. This extensive network of airways is exposed to many environmental allergens, pollutants, chemicals, bacteria, viruses. This constant bombardment of agents, all leading to inflammation and oxidative stress on the cells of the airways leads to disease. Reactive Airway Disease (RAD) / Asthma occurs when these airways narrow from chronic inflammation and mucous and fibrous exudates, thus triggering the smooth muscle in the walls of these structures to react and constrict further narrowing the airways. Using a nebulizer or inhaler to deliver albuterol to the airways helps immediately to relieve this bronchoconstriction and open up the airways. However, without addressing the inflammation, the ROOT Cause of Reactive Airway Disease (RAD) / Asthma, chronic wheezing and shortness of breath will continue and worsen. Thus, the reason for steroid inhalers for maintenance of inflammation on a daily basis, and prednisone orally for for more severe flares. As part of maintenance it remains important to take plant-based synergistic anti-inflammatory capsules on a daily basis. **See The Reactive Airway Disease (RAD) / Asthma Trio on SHOP Page.