Anti-Inflammatory DUO (For Individuals Intolerant of Turmeric / Curcumin) (120 ct. bottles)





Based upon medical research, and the normal human physiology, lowering your whole-body inflammation remains high on the list to live a healthy life, preventing future illness, and improving quality of life. Top 6 wellness and health goals are: 1 – Eat a Healthy diet, consisting of healthy fats, proteins and carbs, higher in the protein category 2 – Lower your whole-body inflammation (Oxidative Stress=Chronic Inflammation) via ingesting plant-based anti-inflammatory agents in your diet and plant-based anti-inflammatory supplements, consisting of ingredients you do not intake in your regular diet daily.  3 – take a proper regimen of daily supplements which work together to lower your inflammation, and deliver vitamins, minerals and adaptogens in highly absorbable forms, and with bioavailable properties to your tissues and cells. 4 – Exercise using a combination of aerobic and strength training, while factoring in High Intensity Interval Training, such as kickboxing or cross-fit for example. 5 – Reduce Emotional and Psychological Stress. 6 – Have a well-rounded socially active lifestyle.

Our Line of Capsules at ROOT Cause Supplements, began with our research of Curcumin / Turmeric, Curcumin being the bioactive compound in Turmeric Root. Curcu-Meric 975mg remains our flagship and most popular capsule formula to lower whole-body inflammation. However, many other plant-based compounds lower inflammation by different mechanisms, and work synergistically with our Curcu-Meric 975mg capsule.  Due to the IMPORTANCE of lowering your inflammation on a daily basis, for those who can not tolerate curcumin / turmeric (about 2-3% of individuals), we recommend our other capsules, and this bundle is very gentle for those who have a sensitive GI tract.


1 – 120 count bottle – Berry-Mmune 975mg

1 – 120 count bottle – Mushrooms – Moringa – Magnesium 975mg Capsule


1 – Berry-Mmune 975mg  &  1 –  Mushrooms – Moringa – Magnesium 975mg Capsule – AM hours with meal or snack

1 – Berry-Mmune 975mg  &  1 –  Mushrooms – Moringa – Magnesium 975mg Capsule – PM hours with meal or snack


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