Berry-Mmune 975mg & Curcu-Meric 975mg (200ct. per bottle)



Purity – Synergy – Integrity – Results  —  ROOT Cause Supplements© —  Lower Inflammation & Optimize The Immune System

Why do we pair our products together? We can never lower our whole body inflammation to zero. Therefore, taking a variety of plant-based ingredients daily will lower inflammation via different mechanisms, from the different ingredients, and also benefit other body organs and systems. Cycling through different bundles every few months is beneficial therapeutically.

Curcu-Meric 975 mg Capsule™ formula version.001 – Turmeric / Curcumin  – Vegan Capsule

Most Therapeutic Curcumin / Organic Turmeric Capsule in the USA, based on clinical results and objective testing. Pure, High-Grade, Synergistic Formula with superior Absorption, Bioavailability and Anti-Oxidant benefits, with the addition of Quercetin, Resveratrol, Bromelain, Organic Ginger, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Pulverized Pipperine (Black Pepper Fruit) & Vitamin C (Acerola Cherry). Keeping in mind, the main components of the capsule, Curcumin & Turmeric are not only potent anti-inflammatory compounds, however, are also powerful anti-oxidants. NO FILLERS / IMPURITIES

USA Sourced Raw Ingredients & USA Manufactured – All Plant-Based Ingredients in our capsules are Organic (Turmeric & Ginger, are organic in this capsule). It is impossible to obtain other ingredients organically, however, we obtain all High-Grade Ingredients.

High-Grade translates into ROOT Cause Supplements, LLC being a smaller lab purchasing our ingredients in 2-5 lb bags, as opposed to larger labs that purchase large barrels / drums of ingredients containing more impurities and inactive ingredients, fillers, preservatives and anti-caking agents.

Our Ingredients and raw materials contain no such fillers, preservatives, impurities, inactive ingredients and ant-caking agents.

Synergy is extremely important with respect to absorption and bioavailability of the ingredients. Our original formula included the ingredients listed on the left side of the label image below. Then we added Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 & Zinc, which proved to be a Therapeutic Formula, for not only lowering whole-body inflammation, however, optimizing the immune system. Optimizing the Immune System is not only about certain ingredients, however, the two go hand in hand, as when you lower your whole-body inflammation, your Immune System is no longer being overwhelmed with this “Nonsense Inflammation” and can utilize it’s resources to perform it’s necessary function.

Many other Plant-based compounds are powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agents, which is why we at ROOT Cause Supplements produce other capsules to compliment our Curcu-Meric 975 mg™ Capsule. Berry-Mmune 975 mg™ has replaced our Elder-Mmune, via addition of  Organic Goji Berry to the formula, and changing the name to more accurately reflect the ingredients in the capsule.


Curcu-Meric 975 mg Capsule™- Turmeric / Curcumin  – Vegan Capsule


1 bottle  —   200  count bottle of Curcu-Meric 975 mg™ Capsules:

1 bottle  —   200  count bottle of Berry-Mmune 975 mg™ Capsules: NOW with Goji Berry added !!


 2 – Curcu-Meric 975 mg™ Capsule  & 2-  Berry-Mmune 975 mg™ Capsule in AM with Meal or snack


2 – Curcu-Meric 975 mg™ Capsule  & 2-  Berry-Mmune 975 mg™ Capsule in PM with Meal or snack



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