Curcu-Meric 975mg & Mushroom-Moringa-Magnesium 975mg (120ct. bottles)



Synergy exists between the ingredients in each capsule, and syngery exists when combining capsules together. As discussed on the website, and also in each products description, our capsules accomplish many different goals, via many different mechanisms. First, plant-based power of lowering inflammation, starting with our Flagship Curcu-Meric 975mg capsule. However, all plant-based ingredients in our capsules lower inflammation via their own unique mechanisms, while also providing vitamins, minerals, adaptogens and more, to optimize your cellular health. Optimizing cellular health translates into improved glucose processing, improving functioning of our circulating immune cells, decreasing aberrancy of our cells when in the process of dividing and regenerating, providing necessary micronutrients allowing our organs and Body systems to function, without over-compensating for deficiencies. Over-Compensation leads to abnormal function over time, which leads to Disease & Illness. Inflammation remains a large factor in the process.


1- 120 count bottle of each of the below label images


1-2 Curcu-Meric 975mg  &  1-2 Mushroom-Moringa-Magnesium 975mg in AM hours with meal or snack

1-2 Curcu-Meric 975mg  &  1-2 Mushroom-Moringa-Magnesium 975mg in PM hours with meal or snack


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