Mushroom-Moringa-Magnesium Capsule & Turmeric Coffee



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Coffee and Turmeric are a great synergistic pair to deliver anti-oxidants & anti-inflammatory compounds. Our Turmeric Coffee evolved from a ground coffee pulverized and infused with our listed ingredients. However, we at ROOT Cause Supplements realized a high quality Instant Coffee, Pulverized with our pure ingredients, will deliver a superior product, as now you will be directly ingesting all ingredients, unlike our prior ground coffee version. This product has been a game changer for many, and the taste is simply amazing – Earthy & Nutty with hints of Cinnamon & Vanilla.

Secondly, our Mushroom-Moringa-Magnesium 975mg Capsule is one of our 14 Capsules produced at ROOT Cause Supplements, Davie, FL- Our Lab, Retail Store is in East Fort Lauderdale. All of our capsules have evolved from our flagship Curc-Meric 975mg Capsule (which comes in 2 versions – .001 & .002). The formulas in ALL of our capsules are meant to complement our flagship Curcu-Meric Capsule, each capsule having a unique synergistic formula to pair perfectly with Curcu-Meric. All our capsules have plant-based pure ingredients to lower your whole-body inflammation, by those ingredients unique physiologic mechanisms, while including other necessary vitamins and minerals. In this capsule, Mushroom-Moringa-Magnesium 975mg Capsule, we include 2 therapeutic forms of magnesium healthy for every cell, with great absorptive properties. We include Magnesium Citrate in our GI Tract Optimizer & Transit Regulator 975mg Capsule, as the Citrate form of magesium is healthy to improve GI tract transit.

There are many mushroom coffees on the market, which doesnt resonate with us at ROOT Cause Supplements, according to our research, as mushrooms do not pair well with coffee for flavor, and the maximal absorption of mushrooms occurs in the intestinal tract, which a capsule accomplishes, and also Pepper and ginger maximize the absorption. Therefore, a Therapeutic Capsule, alongside a great tasting healthy Coffee is the best option from our perspective.



2- 9oz. jar of our Turmeric Formula, Anti-Oxidant Coffee (yields 25-28 cups)

1- 120 count bottle Mushrooms- Moringa – Magnesium 975mg Capsule


Recommended Dosing:

For our Turmeric Coffee Instant Formula, simply add a teaspoon to a cup of warm/hot water. Trial the teaspoon amount to your liking mild, medium, strong. From a level teaspoon, up to a moderately heaping teaspoon. Add any dairy / non-dairy product, or any sweetner you desire. This product DOES NOT include any dairy or non-dairy product, and DOES NOT include any sweetners. However, most clients enjoy the coffee taste of this product without anything added. Also, great to add to your smoothie for a coffee smoothie, with amazing anti-inflammatory properties. (2-3 cups per day for therapeutic purposes, especially for esophageal inflammation)


Magnesium-Moringa-Mushroom 975mg Capsule:

1-2 in AM  &  1-2 in PM with snack or meal

(Beneficial Synergy when paired with Curcu-Meric 975mg capsule)




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