Pulmonary Defense .0011 (200 ct.)


Superior Therapuetic Bundle to Optimize Your Immune System & Protect Your Lungs from viruses, bacteria & environmental toxins.


Purity – Synergy – Integrity – Results  —  ROOT Cause Supplements© —  Lower Inflammation & Optimize The Immune System

Plant-Based Supplements remain the most therapeutic options to protect our cells, tissues and organs from daily oxidative stress & external toxins and pathogens. This Bundle if taken as recommended will lessen your risk of Pulmonary (Lung), Infection, and damage from the environment. Lung Cancer ranks high on the list of most prevelant cancers, and we need to be more diligent in protecting our Lungs & Cardiovascular System.

Taking 1-2 of each capsule in the AM hours and 1-2 of each in the PM hours with a meal or snack for maximum Absorption & Bioavailability will prevent Infection from viruses and bacteria, and in cases where a large viral or bacterial load is acquired, the extent of the impact on the lungs and the body will be greatly reduced.

Extremely Healthy for ALL Body Systems


This order includes 200 count bottles of the 3 labels listed below

Recommended Dosing:

2 of each capsule with early day meal & 2 of each capsule with later day meal.


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