Women’s Daily Wellness 003



Despite each of our capsules having a strong therapeutic synergy within each capsule formula standing alone, containing a combination of Plant-Based (Turmeric, Ashwagandha Chasteberry etc..) & Lab-Derived (Vitamin D3, Zinc, Vitamin A etc…); However, When combining several capsules taking 2 or 3 as in this bundle, the therapeutic results are significantly increased, as a result of the known effects of SYNERGY.

This Newer Bundle, Including our Newer Capsule- Hair & Skin Formula, has received great feedback from our clients after several months of use. This Bundle will last 2 months if taken as directed. After 2 months there was considerable improvement in hair thickening, and after 4 months clients were pleasantly surprised at their continued hair strength and improvement.

This Bundle is not only about Hair strength, however, delivers many compounds to improve quality of life, and prevent future disease. Improved Metabolism has also been reported commonly with this bundle.


120 count bottles of each bottle label listed below

3 – 120 count bottles in total (1 of each listed below)

Recommended Dosing:

1 of each above capsule in early part of the day with meal or snack (3 capsules)


1 of each above capsule in later part of the day with meal or snack (3 capsules)



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